Personal Training

At Next Level Fitness, we get even the laziest people in better shape than they ever thought they were capable of.

We are not like other personal training facilities which only offer standard workout routines. We are different because everyone receives custom workouts that will help you reach your personal goal the fastest and most effective way possible.

No matter who you are, what your current body type is, or where you want to be, we have some of the best personal trainers in Irvine who is an expert at getting those exact results that all different types of people want.


Be Trained By Only The Best Personal Trainers

Our 30 personal trainers have all passed our strict quality filter before they could be a part of the Next Level family. This ensures you get a qualified, motivating, results-driven, and fun personal trainer.


Feel More Energized With Our Community

A positive community plays a big part in reaching your goals. Everyone in the Next Level family is supportive of each other and is serous about achieving their fitness goals.


Reduced Chance of Injury

We will teach you and make sure you always use proper form for each exercise to dramatically reduce the risk of any type of injury, which could severely delay your success.


Mental and Emotional Support

We know one the hardest parts of reaching our fitness goals is staying committed. Our personal trainers will give you mental and emotional support to blast through the times when you just want to give up.


Stay in Amazing Shape

Not only do we help you lose fat, build lean muscle, and get in amazing shape, we also educate and teach you healthy habits that will keep you in shape forever, not just while you’re with us.


‘Bad Genes’ Don’t Matter

Most of our personal trainers used to be overweight before they became a trainer and could have been considered to have “bad genes.” The Next Level Fitness Advantage® system works for every body with any type of genes.


Receive Better Customer Service

All our trainers are independent business owners who are passionate about helping you succeed, which means you can get much better service and care than trainers from corporate gyms.


Be More Motivated With Every Workout

Not only will you be able to feed off the energy of the community at Next Level, but your personal trainer will keep you motivated with every workout – a key factor for success.


Reach Your Goals Faster

Our personal trainers will keep you accountable and make sure you don’t miss a session. That means you reach your fitness goals much faster than if you were to work out on your own.


Learn the Right Foods to Eat

You will immediately discover what foods are great to eat and which ones to stay far away from (you have probably eaten one of these “stay far away” foods within the last 24 hours).


Have Fun While You Workout

We know if we make our training sessions fun, you will look forward to coming to each session. By making working out fun, we know it will be much easier for you to commit and reach your goals.


Learn to Love the Burn

Most people fail at achieving their deem bodies because they give up too early. The reason? It takes a lot of willpower for them to workout. We teach you how to love the burn and it takes less willpower to do things you love making it easier to commit to your workout plan.

Why Even Get a Personal Trainer?

There are many alternatives to a personal trainer to lose weight and get fit; such as, doing it on your own, getting a gym pass, video workout courses, or buying training sessions at large chain gyms. So with all these alternatives, why do people still choose to use personal trainers from Next Level Fitness?

Why a Personal Trainer

Why Our Personal Trainers are the Best

Our personal trainers are carefully selected and reviewed before they can be attributed to Next Level Fitness. Our review process and qualifications check ensures we really do have the best personal trainers in Orange County.

We ensure our trainers are:

  • Knowledgeable about fitness in every aspect
  • Friendly and comfortable to train with
  • Motivating and inspiring to their clients
  • Certified and always improving their techniques
  • Punctual and has great customer service

You can also read the 10 Reasons Why We Think Corporate Personal Trainers Suck to learn more about how we’re better than big corporate gyms.

What Kind of Personal Training is Available?

Training sessions at our beautiful facility can be conducted in either one on one sessions or in a group setting. Additionally, the number of sessions you would like to have each week is determined by you, your trainer, your goal, and when you want to achieve it.

If you are tired of not seeing results from your gym pass or workout videos, then it is time to get a personal trainer who can “hold your hand” throughout your “get fit” journey and make sure you reach your goals. We are currently running a free week special of personal training for new clients. To learn more, click the button below.

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