10 Reasons Why Corporate Personal Trainers Suck

next level fitness is better than corporate gyms

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How Does Next Level Fitness Compare?

10. Shady contract practices?

We provide all our clients with the full contract before signing.

9. Aggressive sales team?

We don’t have a sales team, just friendly personal trainers genuinely interested in helping you reach your goals.

8. Mediocre introductory offer?

We give all potential clients a free tour + an entire free week (three full sessions) of actual personal training to try us out (psst… no one else does this).

7. Mediocre trainers?

No way! All our personal trainers are strictly screened before they can become a trainer at our facility. Because NLF is run by fitness and wellness experts, we can see right through the “trainers” trying to squeak in. We not only look for their certifications, but also their complete experience with fitness, experience as a personal trainer in the past, and especially how friendly and easy to work with they are. We have over 50 personal trainers at NLF and we are never hesitant to let one go for poor business practices, inappropriate behavior, or making their clients feel uncomfortable.

6. High trainer turnover?

Our personal trainers are independent business owners who rent out space from our facility. They get paid more and also are allowed to write off expenses before they pay their taxes, unlike corporate employees. This means we and our clients can enjoy higher quality personal trainers, better attitudes, better customer service, longer trainer retention rates, and a hugely improved atmosphere that our clients always tell us is amazing.

5. Trainers talk about themselves too much?

Facebook fan Dana said her trainer talked about herself non stop.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 3.11.42 PM

Isn’t your personal trainer supposed to focus on YOU and YOUR needs and YOUR goals during training sessions? We think so. Luckily for Dana, she trains at Next Level and enjoys working with a personal trainer who cares about her and is passionate about seeing her succeed. At Next Level, we’re passionate about changing people’s lives through fitness and health.

4 and 3. Distracted trainers?

If you get a personal trainer at Next Level Fitness, you can be sure that you will receive the care and attention you deserve! They are truly passionate about their clients fitness, health, and well-being.

2. Customized workout plan?

Facebook fan Leenda said their corporate personal trainer ignored her legitimate health issues and didn’t create a specific workout plan to suit her needs.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 3.12.19 PM

Leenda decided she wasn’t going to pay for their incompetence any longer. Now she is happily training with a personal trainer at Next Level Fitness.

We make sure each client gets the specific attention they need to feel comfortable and reach their goals. Our personal trainers genuinely care about what their clients want to achieve and in what time frame. It’s up to them to put together a workout system to help you get there.

That’s the whole reason to get a personal trainer. Most corporate gyms have their personal trainers give every client the same general workout plan.

1. But is it fun?

We made it a requirement for all our personal trainers to be energetic, fun, and easy to get along with or they will not be accepted to train their clients at NLF.

Does it work?

When we did a client satisfaction survey last year, the most common answer to the question “What’s your favorite part about training at NLF?” was the electrifying atmosphere and how fun it is to work out here.

They said it’s a fresh change to the gyms they were used to, and the friendly community that makes up NLF helps people feel excited to come in for their workout.

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Bonus: They Don’t Have a Wellness Center

Did you know Next Level Fitness is also home to Next Level Wellness Center, our sister company specializing in wellness and chiropractic services located inside the NLF facility.

Next Level Wellness’ sports medicine staff can evaluate and treat your injuries as well as work with your trainer to coordinate safe exercises for you to perform while you’re healing, so you’re not sidelined and can continue to train effectively.

Who else has that!

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