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September 2012

Rhodiola: A Popular Dietary Supplement

Rhodiola is a type of plant that has become increasingly popular as a dietary supplement, used to naturally increase energy levels. It's been used as a folk remedy in many countries for centuries, and has in recent years become available for purchase almost anywhere that supplements, vitamins, and medication are sold. WHAT DOES IT DO? Rhodiola is reputed to improve mood, decrease stress and fatigue, and improve physical and mental performance. It can help remedy insomnia and mild depression. It's also touted to help improve resistance to physical stress from environmental factors (such as cold or disease). Benefits improve with regular usage. DOES IT WORK? Because rhodiola...

The Skinny on Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners have become a popular solution for many people looking to cut calories and sugar from their diets, without sacrificing the flavor of sweet foods and beverages they enjoy. But there's also a lot of suspicion about the health effects of consuming artificial sweeteners, especially over a long-term period. What's the truth?  Are these artificial sweeteners safe? BENEFITS OF ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS The most obvious benefit of artificial sweeteners is that they provide virtually no calories--unlike sugar or most natural sweeteners, which can provide a lot of calories, even in small amounts. Although most artificial sweeteners do technically contain calories, the sweetness level of most...