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Are You Ready For Permanent Weight Loss

Are You Ready for Permanent Weight Loss

If your goal is to lose weight, then a diet might be right for you. Unfortunately, all diets end, either in successful weight loss or in a chocolate cheesecake at two in the morning and then the weight you lost returns and brings friends with it. Permanent weight loss doesn’t involve dieting, since dieting doesn’t work because they’re restrictive and when they end, you return to your previous pattern of eating that put weight on in the first place. Permanent weight loss comes from making lifestyle changes rather than dieting. The lifestyle changes you make include regularly scheduled exercise, healthier eating habits, plenty of hydration and even adequate sleep. Not only will you lose weight, you’ll be healthier.

Changing eating habits isn’t dieting.

Dieting is restrictive. You have to eat specific foods, such as cabbage soup or starve until even the cat starts looking like a tasty morsel. Eating healthier means making small changing in your eating habits to add up to huge calorie savings and more nutrients. You might even be eating more food more frequently when you eat a healthier diet, so you’ll never feel hungry or deprived. Sometimes the changes are small, like using Greek yogurt to top that baked potato instead of sour cream, sometimes they involve the way you cook—-steamed not fried, please. Eating healthier adds more nutrients to your diet so you’ll be healthier, but cuts back on calories so you’ll be thinner.

Start exercising and make weight loss easier.

Exercise does so many great things for your body. It actually lengthens the ends of the DNA, the telomeres to protect chromosomes and prevent cell death, the cause of disease and signs of aging. It also increases circulation to improve the flow of blood to all parts of the body, including the skin, giving you a healthy glow. It has many more health benefits, but for those trying to lose weight, the main benefit is that it burns calories, while also increasing muscle tissue. Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue does, so in effect, once you develop it, you’ll be boosting your metabolism.

Combine diet and exercise and you have an arsenal against fat.

Losing weight isn’t a challenging concept, even though actually losing it may be a challenge. You simply burn more calories than you consume. Healthy eating lowers your caloric intake, while exercise burns more calories. You’ll be attacking weight loss on all fronts when you combine these two lifestyle changes.

Not only does healthy eating help you lower your caloric intake, it also helps stabilize blood sugar levels, just as regular exercise does. That means you won’t suffer from sugar peaks and valleys that can cause you to consume anything sweet, from a bowl of ice cream to an entire cake.

Getting adequate sleep is also important when you want to lose weight permanently. Adequate sleep means you won’t be grabbing a candy bar to help keep you awake through the next boring business meeting or keep you going just until the kids get in bed.

Regular exercise can lift your spirits. Often people overeat when they’re depressed and exercise can help lift that depression by stimulating the body to create hormones that make you feel good.

You’ll look slimmer even if you never lose a pound when you exercise properly. Exercising tightens and tones the body, which is why a person who exercises may fit into a size 5/6, while someone weighing the same, but who isn’t in shape may have to buy a 9/10.

Project Muscle Mass

Project Muscle Mass

Not everyone wants to lose weight. In fact, some people have problems gaining it. They constantly look like the before picture with the muscle man being the after one. You don’t have to be intimidated and skinny any longer when you start your own Project Muscle Mass! Building mass isn’t easy, particularly if you have problems just gaining weight. However, a personal trainer can help you with dietary changes and exercise routines that will have you the one being envied by those less fit.

Personal trainers design programs specifically for your needs.

Personal trainers don’t use a cookie cutter approach because fitness problems aren’t all the same. If they were, everyone would either need to lose weight, tighten their backsides or have some other specific problem area. That’s particularly important for those who need to gain weight and muscle mass. You often won’t get much sympathy from overweight or even average sized people who count their calories. When you say you have a problem gaining weight, they give you a glare or sneer, but it is a real problem. A trainer will design a program of diet and exercise specifically to add inches to your biceps and chest with extra pounds of pure muscle in the process.

You’ll learn the right foods to help you gain weight.

You may think those extra candy bars are helping you gain weight, but they may actually be boosting your metabolism. Not everyone’s system works the same and that’s why a personal trainer talks to you first, to see not only how much you eat, but what types of food you eat. Of course, the exercise program also stimulates the appetite and when you feed your body foods that help create muscle tissue, you’ll be building mass and adding healthy weight.

Not all personal trainers guarantee results, but some do.

Don’t be discouraged by the past. Trainers know the body and the best way to achieve the results you want. If you need more convincing, consider using a personal trainer that guarantees results. Not only will that give you peace of mind, it will make you work harder to make sure that if you don’t achieve your goal, it’s not for lack of trying on your part. You’ll have to change your diet, too and the way you exercise, using short intense sessions rather than longer ones with less intensity.

Personal trainers will show you the right times to train. Training two to three times a week allows the muscles to recover and grow bigger.

The types of exercises you do makes a huge difference in your success. Trainers know the right types of exercises that add bulk, while also toning muscle tissue.

Trainers show you the right way to do each exercise to help you avoid injury that can set back your progress for months. Doing any exercise correctly also maximizes the benefits.

Timing your eating and the types of food you eat makes a huge difference in promoting muscle growth.