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October 2015

Start Some Healthy Habits

You can improve your life when you give up some of your old habits, such as being a total couch potato, and replace them with some healthy habits. Let's face it, you go through half of the day in a mindless blur, doing the same old thing. It's time to change that and add a new dimension in your life. Maybe it's just as simple as climbing the stairs at work rather than taking the elevator or parking in the first parking spot you see and walking into the building rather than driving around the lot for a half hour...

Find Your Endurance

If you think you've lost all your get up and go, you can find your endurance again with a little bit of work. While all types of fitness are important, whether it's flexibility, strength, balance or endurance, stamina and endurance seems to disappear faster than the others. If you're huffing and puffing after one flight of stairs, you need to work to get back the energy and stamina of your youth. It's not magic, it's a labor of love you can have for your body that will reflect in every area of your life. Exhaustion is no laughing matter. You might joke...