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December 2015

Planning Helps Your Heart And Your Budget

If you plan meals ahead of time, create a shopping list and make sure you're taking advantage of all coupons and specials, you'll not only have more money in your pocket, you could be making wiser choices when it comes to eating. You can save both your health and your money by taking a little time. If you think you're overwhelmed with work or it doesn't pay that much to do it. Consider the fact that one hour a week could save anywhere from $25 to $60 dollars in groceries. You'll be averaging $42.00+ an hour, just for doing it,...

Best Nuts For The Holiday And Your Diet

Losing weight over the holidays is quite a challenge. There are delicious desserts, holiday cookies and an array of delectable dishes that are sure to send your calories counter into overdrive. There are also bowls of nuts in shells to tempt you. But wait, sometimes nuts can be your best ally in the fight against the fat. That means the type of nut that grows on a plant, not crazy Aunt Ethel that tells you that you have such a pretty face...