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February 2016

Throw Away Your Pain Pills

If you find yourself constantly reaching for pain pills, it may be time to look for a different solution for your problem. Pain pills were meant for temporary relief, but some discomfort can last for years because pain pills don't address the underlying cause of the pain, just the pain itself. They often come with a high price to pay for that instant relief,which can include further injury or physical reactions to long term use. Small muscle tears can cause big problems. If you're constantly finding yourself reaching for aspirin or even stronger pain medication, you may have a small problem that...

Staying Healthy

It's far better to focus on staying healthy than it is to spend thousands of dollars fighting disease. When you look at the term disease, you notice two things. Dis means not and ease means absence of difficulty. Put them together and it's something that is not right which makes it more difficult for your body to function properly. By taking proper care of your body and eliminating those things that don't allow it to function its best, your body can heal itself of almost any problem. A healthy diet is one way to improve your overall health. Your body is a...