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Throw Away Your Pain Pills

Throw Away Your Pain Pills

If you find yourself constantly reaching for pain pills, it may be time to look for a different solution for your problem. Pain pills were meant for temporary relief, but some discomfort can last for years because pain pills don’t address the underlying cause of the pain, just the pain itself. They often come with a high price to pay for that instant relief,which can include further injury or physical reactions to long term use.

Small muscle tears can cause big problems.

If you’re constantly finding yourself reaching for aspirin or even stronger pain medication, you may have a small problem that grew to a much larger one because it was never addressed properly in the first place. When you over use a muscle, it can cause micro-trauma, multiple small tears, over time that build scar tissue, which can shorten the muscles, pinched nerves and tendon problems. Besides the pain, many people find their muscles aren’t as strong as they were and may even have tingling and numbness. Pain pills can’t address those problems, but ART—active release technique—can.

Consider massage therapy as an alternative.

Massage therapy not only feels good, it can help eliminate pain. A massage can increase circulation that brings oxygen and nutrient laden blood to the area. It can loosen tight muscle tissue and relax the entire body in the process. You’ll see your range of movement improve, while also relieving pain from stiff muscles and injury. There are several different types of massage and the type used depends on the root of the pain.

Pain comes from both misalignment and injury.

Your nerves send a message to the brain that you’re experiencing pain. Sometimes, misalignment can cause those nerves to send messages of pain to the brain because the nerves are pinched and the body isn’t free to maintain it’s natural good health. Realigning the body through exercise and chiropractic manipulation is one way to bring pain relief without the side effects caused by drugs. They locate the problem and correct it, not mask it.

Even the most gentle and commonly used pain medications, aspirin, can cause problems, which include such things as stomach problems, gastritis and bleeding. You may be exchanging one pain for another.

Stronger prescription pain medications run the risk of dizziness, nausea and even addiction. They also make it more difficult to focus on tasks.

Returning the body to it’s natural state allows you to heal. The body was meant to heal itself and will if give the opportunity.

While massage therapy is a good way to relieve pain, it also can help relieve stress. The effects of stress can be just as disabling for the body as an injury.

Staying Healthy

Staying Healthy

It’s far better to focus on staying healthy than it is to spend thousands of dollars fighting disease. When you look at the term disease, you notice two things. Dis means not and ease means absence of difficulty. Put them together and it’s something that is not right which makes it more difficult for your body to function properly. By taking proper care of your body and eliminating those things that don’t allow it to function its best, your body can heal itself of almost any problem.

A healthy diet is one way to improve your overall health.

Your body is a machine and like any type of machine, it needs the right fuel. Sugary foods and highly processed foods offer nothing except problems. You wouldn’t put sugar in your car’s tank, why would you do it to yourself. Whole foods, foods that have minimum processing, have nutrients the body requires to function at its best. Being aware of healthy eating habits and practicing them is ultimately important to keeping your body at its best. Make sure you have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables every day and keep junk food to a minimum.

Your body needs to move to be functioning at its best.

People don’t wear out, but they do rust out. If you aren’t involved in a program of regular exercise, you need to start one. Regular exercise offers so many benefits besides building muscle tissue and burning fat tissue. It helps boost the immune system and has been proven to lower the potential for serious illnesses, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. Exercise can also help prevent misalignment by holding your skeletal system properly in line.

If it hurts too much to move, you need to seek help.

Some people don’t exercise because they simply hurt too bad after they do. That’s not normal unless you’ve overworked muscle groups or aren’t properly aligned. Small injuries to muscles can create scar tissue that leads to big pain. Misalignment can also lead to excess pain. If pain is stopping you from everyday activities or exercising, you need to seek expert advice to eliminate it and get back on the road to good health.

Make certain you drink plenty of water. Adequate fluid intake is ultimately important to all organs from the skin to the kidneys. You’ll flush your body of toxins with adequate fluid intake.

Learn to deal with stress. You can’t eliminate stress. It’s everywhere. Stress plays a huge role in disease. Meditation, massage and mental gymnastics can help you deal with it. So can exercise.

Get plenty of sleep at night. Sleep is one of the most forgotten keys to good health. It refreshes the mind and the body.

Learn to laugh and enjoy life. Laughter is one of the best medicines. Studies show people who have a happy social life live longer than those who don’t. Find a way to give of yourself or a project you love.