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March 2016

Being Healthy Is The Absence Of Dis-Ease

Being healthy Is the absence of "Dis-Ease." That is a logical statement that may lead you to question why the odd spelling of disease and why the quotes. Disease is composed of two parts. The prefix, dis, means not. The root word is ease meaning soothing or free from pain. If you're in a state of disease, you're not in a soothing or free from pain or illness state. Recently health care providers have found that keeping the body at its functioning best is the logical way to prevent illness. Anyone can understand that it's far better to stay healthy...

Stay Healthy

Rather than treating each ailment or serious condition as it arises, it's better to stay healthy in the first place. While it may save money, pain, time and improve the quality of your life, it's not always the easiest for busy people. Creating a plan to keep you body healthy takes a bit of time, but it can be the most important time you've ever spent that will affect your health for years to come. Improve your diet. You may already be eating healthy, but most people aren't. Even if you eat a low calorie, high nutrient and fiber diet, there's probably...