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Change Your Life

If you want to change your life, one simple way to start is with a program of fitness. While getting fit isn’t the answer to all problems, it can do so much for you when it comes to energy levels, health and improving your mental attitude that it’s a great place to start. If you’re under mountains of stress, a good workout is a great stress buster. Not only does it burn off the hormones created by stress, it replaces them with ones that make you fell good.

You’ll be building confidence as you become fitter.

The stronger you are physically, the more confidence you’ll develop. That’s one of the huge benefits of working out. You’re not only working toward a goal, but you’ll be seeing the results rather quickly, which helps you build the confidence to work toward other goals or stay on track with your fitness goals. Success breeds success and when you accomplish a fitness goal, you’ll develop more confidence to work on other areas. One study shows that when people start a workout program, they have a better self-image, even before they see results.

You’ll have more energy.

Having enough energy to make changes in your life can be a huge problem. That’s where becoming fitter can be a huge benefit. It’s so amazing, but the more energy you expend in exercise, the more energy you develop. You won’t notice the upswing immediately, but within a few weeks, you’ll start noticing how much easier it is to do everything and just how much more endurance you have.

You’ll think clearer.

Not only does exercise burn off the brain fog created by stress, it also helps you think better. It triggers the brain to create more cells and improves the neural pathways. You can listen to music while you workout to improve it even more. Regular exercise not only increases the blood flow to the brain, it improves cognitive thinking. Some studies show it helps prevent dementia and may be an aid to slow Alzheimer’s. It restores youthful levels of BDNF in the brain that can diminish with age. BDNF encourages brain plasticity and protects the neurons from injury. Clearer thinking is an important key to change.

You’ll feel fantastic after a workout because of the happy hormones it stimulates. Feeling good can help give you the lift you need to change your life.

You’ll love how you look and that makes you more confident.

You’ll sleep better at night after you workout. A good night’s sleep can give you the extra energy and clear mind to take charge of your life.

You’ll have better posture and more presence after just a few weeks of working out. People recognize that. More presence often leads to more respect.

Boost Your Spirit

Boost Your Spirit

When you workout on a regular basis you’ll not just be helping your body to be stronger and leaner, you’ll be giving helping your peace of mind in the process. You’ll boost your spirit with each movement as you burn off the hormones of stress and start feeling fit again. You’re never too out of shape or too old to start a program of regular exercise, especially if you work with a personal trainer. First check with your health care professional to insure you don’t have any limitations or if you do, make sure you tell the trainer what they are.

Get help with limiting pain and start a workout program.

If you have back pain or other chronic pain, massage or chiropractic help can get you back on the right course of exercise, so you can build those muscles and eliminate the problem forever. Pain not only drains you of energy, it also drains your spirit and makes life miserable. There’s no need to continue to suffer. Not only will you build your muscles, you’ll be building a whole new life of joy.

Excess weight can weigh heavily on your spirit.

Carrying too much weight can wear you out. If you’re even five pounds overweight, imagine how tired you’d be carrying a five pound weight all day. For those even more overweight, the feeling is magnified and even worse. Not only do excess pounds make you tired from the extra burden you carry, they also leave you feeling self-conscious. Society has taught us to feel ashamed of being overweight, which is another burden to carry. Eliminate it from your thoughts and start working out for “you” not for others. You’ll soon release the person that you were meant to be.

Eat a healthier diet.

You are what you eat. If you’re entire diet is junk food, you can’t expect your body to be healthy. It doesn’t have the right type of fuel. Eating a healthy diet isn’t dieting, but making wiser choices when it comes to food. There are so many delicious healthy foods, you’ll never go back to your old way of eating. You’ll also be amazed how easily weight comes off and doesn’t return.

Feel strong by being stronger. Whether you’re a man or woman, the feeling of strength is empowering. You don’t have to build big muscles to develop it either.

Have more endurance to enjoy everything life has to offer. Whether it’s taking a hike in nature or swimming at the local beach, becoming fitter means you’ll have the energy to enjoy it.

Walk taller. You’ll improve your posture and walk taller when you’re fit. Not only does that give you confidence, it improves your presence and makes others respect you more.

Get a burst of “happy hormones” from your workout. Exercising stimulates the brain to create hormones that make you feel good. In fact, some doctors recommend it as part of the treatment for depression.

Wear the right clothing for summer workouts. Lightweight clothing in lighter colors can help prevent the heat from overtaking you in the summer. Dress appropriately for exercising in the warm weather.

Buy something new or find clothes you already have that are a bit too tight. Use those as your guide to check your progress on your exercise program. When they fit well or become too loose, you’re making great progress.

Have fun while you exercise. While there are serious benefits for your body, you don’t have to be serious and somber while doing it. Make it fun and you’ll look forward to each session.

The key to any fitness program is determination and dedication. Stick to your program and you’ll see dramatic results that will keep you on the road to fitness.