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September 2016

The Holidays Are Coming

The holidays are coming and not only can they take a toll on your energy level, they also are a time when people want to look their best. Unfortunately, most people wait until the last minute to start a workout program. While starting at any time is good, you won't get the results you want if you have only a few weeks to achieve them. Holidays are busy times too. One of the biggest problems with starting a program close to holiday time, besides time to achieve your goals, is that your schedule often bulges with new demands. Whether it's Christmas shopping,...

Get Fit For Fall

Whether you spent all summer corralling the kids or just had a break in your busy schedule, you still have time to get fit for fall. There's still plenty to do in Orange County and having the energy to do it is important. Whether you're entering a race to raise awareness for your favorite charities, participating in the events at a festival on the beach or enjoying an Octoberfest, being in shape can make it that much more fun. When you start now, you'll be fabulous for the holidays. Everyone wants to look their best at the holidays, but unfortunately they wait...