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Want A Flat Stomach

We work on all aspects of your fitness and a flat stomach is one of those. Exercise is one of the tools to get you there, but when combined with other tools, you’ll reach your goals faster. There are many myths about super foods that help you reach the illusive flat stomach, but weight loss and exercise are the two best methods. Here are some other ways to help shed that belly fat.

Make sure you have smaller meals more frequently.

Keeping your blood sugar level is important. It prevents your body from producing too much insulin, which occurs when your blood sugar is high. Insulin is the tool that helps your body store fat and if you’re one of the unlucky people, it’s stored around your abdomen. Eating small meals every three to four hours could be just what you need. If you’re not in a position to eat small meals, make sure you have healthy mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks.


You knew this was one of the ways to get that belly flat. Core and abdominal exercises are part of the picture, but not the complete answer. The key is not necessarily building stomach muscles, but burning the fat. Exercising also improves your posture and that can be a culprit of abdominal fat. Targeting back muscles to make them stronger helps with that. While crunches help, walking and aerobic, strength building and flexibility exercises also aid in burning the fat.

Eat healthier.

Eating healthy is the key to permanent weight loss. When you learn to make substitutions and how to choose the healthiest options at the buffet and never have to diet again. It doesn’t mean you’ll give up “forbidden” foods, but eat them far less frequently and use portion control. What you eat and when you eat plays a big role in the amount of fat you add to your body.

Not only does exercising burn calories and build muscle tissue, which uses more calories than fat tissue, it burns off the hormones of stress, including cortisol, which is linked to belly fat.

Stop smoking. One study showed smokers who quit actually had less belly fat than before they quit. Not only will you shed fat from quitting, you’ll find you’ll be more apt to exercise when you don’t become winded as quickly.

Eat plenty of fiber. Fiber helps keep everything moving right and can help prevent bloating and bulging. Drinking loads of water also helps by filling you up and acting as a diuretic.

Laugh and enjoy life. The more you laugh, the more you work your abdominal muscles. I had a client that once said she looked forward to a cold and the coughing because it tightened her stomach muscles. Trust me, laughter is better.

Spring Forward Into Fitness

You’re probably considering shedding a few extra pounds before the revealing summer clothing season begins. When you take the steps to spring forward into fitness, you’ll not only reap weight loss, you’ll have a more shapely body and get considerable health benefits in the process. Being fit doesn’t just mean exercising. It includes other things, too.

Start with a qualified assessment of your fitness level.

A personal trainer can identify not only your level of fitness, but also areas and muscle groups that require more attention. The trainer needs to know your goals and any special needs, such as physical limitations, to create a program specifically for you. Trainers also can help you with nutritional information if you need help losing/gaining weight or just want to eat healthier.

Set specific goals.

Identifying a goal is important. You can’t take a trip unless you know the starting and ending location. That’s what a goal is. It’s identifying the ultimate end of your trip. Of course, you have to know where you’re beginning. After all, doesn’t every Mapquest request for directions ask you for that? You can then create a map to help you reach your destination and know specifically if you’re heading in the right direction. As a personal trainer, I want to chart all the information on clients so I can see the amount of progress they’re making and whether we need to modify the plan to their goal.

Learn to eat healthier.

We supply great information, not diets. Information on how to make the best choices when it comes to food is always better than a diet. Diets are restrictive and require you to eat specific foods. Eating healthier gives you choices. Diets always end, whether you’ve reached your goal or you simply reached the end of your resolve. Then you go back to old eating habits that put the weight on in the first place. With information and practice of healthier eating habits, you’ll never have to diet again.

Fitness is all about feeling good. If you have back trouble or other physical limitations, often exercising can help. When it can’t, we have wellness specialists to help you.

Not only will getting fitter help you look great, it helps you live longer and healthier. One study showed that for every minute you worked out, it gave seven more minutes of a healthier longer life.

You’ll boost your brain power. Exercise helps create new neural pathways and improves cognitive thinking.

You’ll improve your emotional health too. Not only does exercise help burn off the hormones created by stress, it stimulates the brain to create ones that make you feel good.

Beach Time

If you’re dreading beach time because you don’t want to wear your swimsuit in public and simply don’t have the ambition to be active, there’s still time to change all that. We can help you get back into shape and into the fun that beach time can bring. Before you know it, you’ll be comfortable in your skimpiest swimwear and enjoying every active minute that summer brings, whether it’s going to the beach or on a long nature hike.

We’ll develop a personalized program for you.

No two people are alike and we know that. That’s one reason we assess everyone’s fitness level and make sure we know their goals and special needs. While you might not be able to do anything more than a modified push-up on bent knees, someone else who can do fingertip push-ups would find that way too easy. The plan we develop will work you hard, but still be within your abilities. As you improve, we’ll adjust that plan to get you to your beachwear goal faster.

Don’t forget to eat healthier!

Summer and healthy eating go hand in hand. Not only are most people changing to lighter weight and more revealing clothing, there’s a whole new group of fruits and vegetables from which to choose. We don’t recommend dieting. They just don’t work. It’s like trying to fake enjoyment. Sure you can do it for a while, but it’s not the way you want to live forever. Instead, we show you some great tips of what foods you should eat, substitutions you can make to lower calorie counts and foods you should avoid. You’ll not only be eating healthier, you’ll shed pounds and never have to diet again.

You attack fat two ways.

Exercising not only makes you feel good and builds energy galore, it also helps you shed pounds. It builds muscle tissue as it burns calories, too. You’ll lose weight faster once you have more muscle tissue. That’s because muscle tissue requires more calories, so effectively, you’ll be boosting your metabolism and burning more 24/7. Healthy eating also lowers your caloric intake, giving fat tissue a double whammy.

We help keep you from plateauing. That occurs when you do the same routine at each session. The body becomes more efficient and burns fewer calories. We vary the routines.

Not all exercise programs are alike. Some are more effective than others are. Our training helps us create programs that get results fast.

You’ll burn off the hormones of stress, such as cortisol, which is linked to abdominal fat. Not only will you feel better, you’re less likely to need comfort food or go through bouts of stress eating.

Your complexion will improve. Exercising sends oxygen and nutrient rich blood to all parts of your body by increasing circulation. It eliminates toxins and can help clear your complexion and/or make it look years younger.