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July 2017

Find A Motivational Book

Losing weight and getting into shape can be easier if you find a motivational book to provide words of wisdom to feed your mind. Let's face it, losing weight is like any other challenge in life. You need a goal, a plan to get their and the motivation to follow those steps daily. Tony Robbins, a motivational speaker and book writer, got into the business because he was obese in high school and decided to turn his life around. His success led him to helping others reach their goals. Good advice for success translates to every area of your life. Create...

Favorite Cheat Meal

I have my own personal favorite cheat meal that I allow myself to indulge in periodically. I know it's not what I recommend others to eat, but it is one I love and look forward to eating when I want a lift or just the taste of this food. For years, high calorie junk food was a treat that you only got on special occasions. Today, it's become a way of life. For those who switched to a healthier lifestyle, a cheat meal actually can help you lose weight, while giving you a treat. One thing to remember when eating...