Health Benefits Of A Massage

Whether you’re trying to “unkink” a muscle after a tough workout or just need a little help to relax, a massage is a perfect way to do it. However, there are other health benefits of a massage that you might not know about and a few that could help you overcome serious conditions that create […]

Spices That Help Cut Calories

There are a number of herbs and spices that help cut calories by boosting the flavor and nutritional value of a food, without boosting the calorie count. For a long time there have been herb mixtures on the market to replace table salt, which also add to the flavor without adding to the calorie count. […]

Get Swimsuit Ready

It’s the perfect time to get swimsuit ready for the summer and achieve the look that will make you happy to put on your favorite bikini or swimwear. While you may not reach your ultimate fitness goal, no matter what your present fitness level, you can look far better in just a few months, but […]

Apps To Help Stay Fit

While modern technology can’t make you slim and trim, there are apps to help stay fit. These apps vary from helping you track your exercise to counting all the calories you’ve consumed or identifying the healthiest choices when shopping for food. Some apps come with a “healthy” price tag, while others are free or at […]

What Is The Paleo Diet

Losing weight is challenging, so is eating healthy. There are a number of diet plans for healthy eating that vary from the food pyramid to the paleo diet. Eating what your ancestors ate is the basis for the paleo diet. By ancestors, it doesn’t mean grandma and grandpa, even if there are many greats in […]

Healthy Eating When You’re Older

Healthy eating when you’re older can help stave off many of the illnesses that plague older people. It can help keep you feeling and looking better, too. Often it’s easier to grab snack food rather than make a healthy meal. Making food ahead and freezing it in portion sizes is one way to ensure you […]

A Teenager’s Nutritional Needs

If you want to create the perfect menu for a teenager’s nutritional needs, you should include both more calories if the teen is active and healthier more nutrient packed foods. It’s a time when teens are starting to break away from the nest and make their own food choices. If you are the parent, you […]

What Would You Say To Your Younger Self

What would you say to your younger self if you could whisper in your own ear when you were in your teens, twenties or later? If you’re old enough to remember when Microsoft was first on the market before all the splits and price increase? Would you study for a different line of work or […]