Don’t Fear Fast Food!

Not all fast food joints offer only unhealthy meal options. Take a look at the following places we at Next Level Fitness enjoy eating without sacrificing our nutrition.

Chipotle: Create your own Chicken Bowl with black beans, chicken (double up on chicken if you are feeling extra hungry, but it is an extra cost), pico de gallo, grilled veggies and lettuce (*NO rice).

Wahoo’s: A Wahoo’s salad, no cheese; if you add banzai veggies it is yummy but NO tortilla chips please!

Flame Broiler: Chicken and veggie bowl (WITH white meat option)

El Pollo Loco: Chicken breast a la carte with a side salad; if you are really hungry add a side of veggies or pinto bean.

NOTE: This short post got a part II extended version! Check it out here for more fast food options.

Protein Bars VS Protein Shakes

Protein is an important part of your body and helps to build as well as repair tissue.

It is a so called ‘macronutrient’ meaning your body needs a larger amount than some other nutrients.

When looking for a meal replacement or a protein rich snack to supplement your workout, what is better, a bar or shake?

Protein Bars

  • Small and easilycarried in package; convenient
  • Usually added vitamins, minerals and fiber creating higher calorie count
  • Contain good carbohydrates and healthy fats
  • Healthier snack choice than others
  • Help with curbing cravings

Protein Shakes

  • Conveniently Powder that needs to be added to water
  • Allows for faster uptake of amino acids into muscles
  • Help with daily recommended dosage of protein
  • Allows for diversity of protein with less calories and fat compared to meat
  • Essential for use as a post workout drink

First off, one or the other is better than nothing and if you have a strong dislike for one we recommend the other.

Those two things aside, we would suggest a protein bar before a shake. Research shows that digestion can burn calories and the liquid form of shakes naturally requires less work for your digestive system.

The digestive process of a bar takes longer compared to that of a shake and may hold off the feeling of hunger longer. We are not claiming that a protein shake is not useful, but possibly not as useful as a bar in your ultimate health goals.

Lastly, bars and shakes are good supplements but you should keep in mind they are not substitutes for whole food choices in a well rounded natural diet.

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