I had quit smoking after 10 years and to keep my mind and hands at bay, I ate my way through the cravings.  Yay! I quit! Boo. I gained 15 lbs.  I was lucky enough to come across Next Level through friends of friends.  I was instantly in love.  My trainer is amazing!!! He makes sure I keep my appointments, helps me with my diet and makes me feel amazing about my workouts. The trainers seem to take a personal interest in to each and every client. I am not one who naturally likes to break a sweat, and sometimes, I groan in the morning getting out of bed, but once I am there… so worth it.   I saw results immediately ( I love instant gratification) and haven’t stopped since.  Also, they work you.  Ha! They work everyone. It is so refreshing to see everyone working as hard as I am and everyone has a smile on their face…A true reaction to real results.