You Are Your Best Project

You are your best project for the holidays, especially when you want more energy or just a boost to feel better about yourself. It’s the perfect time to start working out for a number of reasons. The most important is to feel good. Not only does exercise burn off the holiday stress, it also helps stimulate the creation of hormones that can improve your overall mood. You’ll feel refreshed after a day of working out and be ready to tackle the next demand in your busy day. It helps stop the holiday crabbies and stressed out appearance and feeling.

Eating healthy can help you shed pounds and feel great.

There are so many sweets during the holiday season, it’s hard to say no. You don’t have to eliminate them completely and miss out on your favorite items, but remembering portion control can help. If there’s a table full of desserts and they all look delicious, slice a small wedge from those you truly enjoy, rather than a full serving. Find the healthiest ones to eat or bring them yourself. Before you hit the dessert bar, fill up on loads of veggies and salad. Use portion control when taking servings. Use a smaller plate if it’s buffet style, which makes you feel like you’re eating more. Eat slowly and before you head back for seconds, wait ten to fifteen minutes. Visit with others, walk around the room or drink a glass of water. It gives your body a chance to signal to the brain it’s full.

Exercise and eating healthy will have you looking your best.

You’ll not only feel better when you workout, you’ll look better almost immediately. While both healthy eating and regular exercise won’t take off pounds and inches in a day or a week, it will stimulate circulation. That improved circulation will send oxygen and nutrient rich blood to all areas of the body. That includes your skin. Immediately, you’ll have a healthy glow and get rid of the “winter white” that plagues people this time of year. It also can help prevent outbreaks of adult acne. Exercise helps boost collagen production and makes your hair healthier, but those benefits take a little time.

You won’t toss and turn at night.

There’s nothing better for insomnia than regular exercise. Lack of sleep may seem inevitable during the holiday season. There’s so much to do and so little time. You’ll get more done in less time when you have the boost of energy that regular exercise and a good night’s sleep. Not only will you get more done, you’ll look far better while you’re doing it. That drug-out, lack-of-sleep look won’t be yours when you make yourself your own project.

  • Holiday times can bring an overwhelming rush of depression in some people. Exercise can help you avoid it and leave you feeling great from the rush of hormones after a workout.
  • You’ll have a better self-image immediately when you start a fitness program, without even seeing results. Feeling good about yourself is important.
  • Everything will work better on your body. Your elimination process improves, which helps you feel and look better.
  • There’s no better time to start a workout program than NOW! Don’t put it off and wait for after the holidays. It will help make the season better, so get started now while you’re motivated.

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