Next Level Fitness is an oasis away from big box gyms. Every person in this gym is 100% serious about working out and getting fit – no blonde bimbos sitting on machines posing for attention, no meat heads growling and puffing for attention lifting weights that are obviously too heavy for them and no dingbats talking on their cell phones as they leisurely stroll on the treadmills.  You won’t run into yahoos like this her, because in order to work out here you need to see a trainer who works out of this gym.  And who sees trainers?  People who are serious about working out and getting in shape.  No bimbos here – only tough broads who could wipe the floor with those aforementioned bimbos.  No meatheads, either – these guys take working out seriously – they’re not trying to impress anyone but themselves.  Why do I love this place?  Because I’m not self-conscious when I’m in there, all of my energy is focused on increasing my weight, perfecting my form and getting stronger.  I love this place because I walk out of there an animal.  Grrrr!