10 SMART Workout Tips: The Secret to Staying Motivated

10 S.M.A.R.T Workout Tips for 2013

Welcome to the New Year 2013! Let’s start the New Year on track to reach your fitness goals. The key to success and fitness success is setting “SMART” goals.

These are goals that are Specific, Meaningful, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely.

Each person will have a unique set of fitness goals, but incorporating this technique has the potential to assist you to achieve your “SMART” fitness goals for 2013.

Below are ten tips that can guide you to set and accomplish your 2013 “SMART” goals.

10. Set your fitness goals for the entire year of 2013 along with each month.

Working out consistently for one full year has the potential to yield more effective results, which will also motivate you to continue your workout routine to 2014 and to the years following. A full year of achieving “SMART” fitness goals may also provide a strong feeling of satisfaction in your new and improved fitness routine. This is a key to success because this serves as the “timely” criteria for your “SMART” fitness goals.

9. Make your fitness routine one of your top priorities.

This is where “relevance” plays a role in defining your “SMART” 2013 fitness goals. With a scarcity for time and energy, it is essential to have your workouts at the top of your priority list. If something is important to us, we are likely to make a conscious effort to accomplish that goal. We will take the necessary and proper steps to achieve the fitness goals we have set for ourselves as a result. One way to help keep fitness a priority in your life is by getting a personal trainer to push you through times where you feel defeated – often times this is when the biggest gains are made.

8. Listen to your body.

The belief of “no pain, no gain” can become a serious problem to our health and safety when exercising. There are instances where we may feel fatigued or muscle soreness from running or lifting weight for instance. This is very normal for those that workout daily. However, our bodies send us alert signals when we may be facing injuries. You may want to adjust your cardio intensity if you experience knee pain consistently from running for example. Taking precautionary measures can mitigate pain, and increase the longevity of working out.

7. Stay focused one day at a time.

It is impossible to accomplish a long-term fitness goal in one workout. Therefore, it is ideal to get the most out of each workout session without trying to do too much. You want your goals to be “attainable” and “specific” to achieve. A solid analogy to relate to is training for a marathon. It is not expected that someone run the entire 26.2 miles at the end of week one of training. The body may be trained to run 5, 6, or 7 miles, but trying to run the entire marathon is not realistic and could potentially result in injury. This would then be a setback to achieving the goal of completing a marathon distance.

6. Consume a consistent healthy diet.

Half the battle to achieving your 2013 fitness goals is maintaining your workout routine. The other half is keeping a healthy diet. This is a vital foundation to reach our 2013 fitness goals. The food that we put into our bodies gives us the necessary energy to operate and exercise. Eating healthy with moderation of indulging will help you maintain the proper levels of energy to accomplish your “SMART” fitness goals for 2013!

5. Be Optimistic.

Accomplishing your 2013 fitness goals requires a positive attitude. If your goal is to drop excess weight or increase muscle mass, you must remain positive even when you feel that you are struggling or lacking motivation. It is normal to hit roadblocks during your workout regiment. How these roadblocks are approached and overcome can help you become successful in achieving your fitness goals for 2013.

4. Allow for recovery.

The human body needs rest to recover properly. This said, schedule at least one day off from rigorous workouts. This does not mean you can’t engage in any physical activity on your day off. Instead, you can go on a relaxing walk or a light swim for example. Doing so will allow your body to recover while still getting a solid aerobic exercise.

3. Utilize variation.

The boredom of a daily or weekly routine can be avoided by creating changes for those who get bored rather quickly or easily. For example, try a variety of cardio workouts instead of just one or two such as only running and using an elliptical machine. During 2013, attempt a variety of exercises such as swimming, soccer, basketball, racquetball, etc. This should help you stay fresh and excited about reaching your “SMART” fitness goals for 2013.

2. Assess your progress.

It is essential that you recognize your progress and improvement through your workout routine to accomplish your 2013 fitness goals. Establishing and recognizing benchmarks will provide you tangible results that you can compare to your 2013 fitness goals. Assessing your progress makes your 2013 “SMART” fitness goals “meaningful” to you. Ultimately, you will be able to understand your goal status and what course of action needs to take place to conquer your fitness goals for 2013.

1. Have fun!

Exercising should be something you enjoy. There should be some level of thrill and excitement for you to reach your 2013 fitness goals. Having fun helps this process because it will feel like a hobby rather than a job you have to complete. This attitude and outlook is a foundation and guide to accomplishing your “SMART” 2013 fitness goals!

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