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March 2012

The Importance of Stretching

All too often, individuals who are looking to improve the shape they are in are too quick to jump into advanced workouts without properly warming up. They're physically capable of lifting weights and performing basic exercise movements, so they think this is all they need to do—and then, they injure themselves doing anything complex, or complain of aches and pains. Why is this? Because in their haste to get right into “real” exercise, they neglect a proper warmup. Little do they realize that a proper warmup can take as little as 10-to-15 minutes of their time, and significantly improve the quality of their workouts....

Downright Awesome Vegetarian Options

This is my list of great vegetarian recipes for simple weight loss plans. Dieting is not easy for most people so let's make this diet easy for you. Choose one recipe from each of the Meal Categories (ie: Breakfast, snacks, lunches and dinners) and implement it into your meal plan. You should have 5-6 meals per day. Make sure that you're able to fit these recipes into your daily caloric needs. BREAKFAST RECIPES The Late Start Oatmeal Mashup 1/2 Cup of Oatmeal 1 tbsp of cinnamon 1 tbsp chopped pecans or slivered almonds (All Natural Almond Accents, Butter Toffee Glazed) 1 packet of splenda Mix all the dry ingredients,...