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January 2016

Make Health A Lifestyle Change

When you make health a lifestyle change, you're doing more than just exercising and eating healthier. You're focusing on all the things that help keep you healthy and fit. Whether you want to lose weight, build your strength and endurance or just tone your body, exercise is just the beginning on your road to fitness. Eating healthier is also mandatory, just as getting adequate sleep and learning to calm your mind. Don't forget to increase your daily intake of water. That's often a neglected area when people talk about good health. You may need help knowing where to start. Before you start...

What Is Your Resolution

Everyone starts the new year with a resolution. It may be to save more money, but in many cases, resolutions have to do with fitness. What is your resolution? Do you want to be thinner, fitter or just feel better? Resolutions are nothing more than wishes unless you change them into goals. That means you need to first identify whether they're achievable, provide a time frame and create steps to reach the goal. For instance, saying I want to be a millionaire by the end of the year may be a resolution and it has a time frame, but how...