What Is Your Resolution

Everyone starts the new year with a resolution. It may be to save more money, but in many cases, resolutions have to do with fitness. What is your resolution? Do you want to be thinner, fitter or just feel better? Resolutions are nothing more than wishes unless you change them into goals. That means you need to first identify whether they’re achievable, provide a time frame and create steps to reach the goal. For instance, saying I want to be a millionaire by the end of the year may be a resolution and it has a time frame, but how are you going to do it? It’s also so big, it’s not really believable by your mind, so you need to break it down to smaller achievable goals and identify how you’ll achieve those.

Fitness can be a resolution, but you need to make it a goal to achieve it.

If you want to lose weight, you first have to know how much you weigh or have some other benchmark, such as skinny pants that fit way too tight, to get a starting point. If you use a scale, you can watch the weight drop and the skinny pants fit loser the closer you come to your goal. You also need to make the goal specific and provide a time frame for it. Breaking a huge goal down to smaller ones that are more easily achieved will keep you on track and give you a sense of accomplishment along the way.

Don’t feel bad about asking for help.

Sometimes achieving a goal requires the help of others. Some of the greatest and most successful men in history reached their goals with the help of experts in their field of endeavor. Finding and expert for a fitness goal can be as easy as securing the aid of a personal trainer. In fact, a trainer can help you set goals and show you the steps to achieve them. I love helping people do this and watching how excited they are when they reach their first mini-goal and move on to the next one.

Raise the bar each time.

One of the problems of getting fitter is that most people forget to raise the bar as they achieve each step and find themselves stuck at a certain level. That’s another reason to get help from a trainer. I love watching people achieve goals but also know that they have to take on the next challenge to improve their fitness and health even more.

Get an overall goal and break it down to smaller achievable goals. Then set steps you’ll take to achieve those goals.

Find a way to celebrate your success. You might want to treat yourself to a new outfit or a night on the town when you achieve it.

Make sure you check with your health care professional before you start any fitness program.

Learn to do each exercise correctly to avoid injury and maximize the benefits. Injury can set you back and prevent you from working out for months.

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