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Enough Yo-Yo Dieting

Enough Yo-Yo Dieting

If you’ve struggled all your life with weight problems, you probably already know what yo-yo dieting is. For those unfamiliar with the term, it’s also called weight cycling. That means that you lose weight, quit dieting and then the pounds return and sometimes bring friends to create another bout of dieting weight loss and ultimately weight gain again. That up and down weight resembles the action of a yo-yo, which is how it got its name.

The weight loss/weight gain cycling plays havoc with your body.

Not only do you have a closet full of clothes that can range from your overweight self size to the ultimate goal size, yo-yo dieting has other side effects that affect your health. While your blood pressure will go down as your weight goes down, that pattern also follows when the weight goes back up again. On the next round of weight loss, if yo-yo weight loss occurred, you don’t get that same drop in blood pressure. If the weight is kept off, eventually it will drop, but it takes quite a while.

Yo-yo dieting increases the risk of diabetes.

People with a history of yo-yo weight gain and loss have a higher risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Abdominal fat, also called visceral fat, is the worst possible type of fat. It crowds the internal organs and increases the risk for many diseases, including diabetes. When people regained weight after losing weight for a month, the weight returned as abdominal fat. For those people who actually gained back more weight than they lost, the risk for diabetes is increased even more.

Even though you gain back fat, you normally lose muscle.

When you’re cycling down, most of the time, people lose muscle mass right along with some fat. On the up cycle, people tend to gain fat easier, especially after a cycle of weight loss. The body is hording food for the future. That means that people who are subject to yo-yo dieting often have a higher body fat percentage, which includes a higher percentage of visceral fat. While you can lose weight by making lifestyle changes, most of the time that normally doesn’t occur. Strength training can also help reduce this problem.

  • Fatty liver can occur when people have cyclical weight loss. It can increase the risk of both diabetes and chronic liver failure.
  • The size of the weight swing makes a difference when it comes to coronary artery disease. The more weight lost and then regained, the higher the risk for heart disease. In fact, it might even double the risk if the weight lost and gained is large.
  • Rather than diet, eating healthy is a better option. As noted already, diets don’t work because they always end. Eating healthy never ends. It simply means choosing food more wisely.
  • Adding regular exercise to healthy eating not only helps you lose weight faster, it also helps reduce other risks, such as muscle loss.

Nutrition For The Holidays

Nutrition For The Holidays

Thinking about good nutrition for the holidays isn’t normally at the top of the list. That’s especially true when a coworker brings in those delicious treats or your standing in front of the dessert table at your holiday get-together. Everywhere you turn there’s something tempting to buy. It’s especially true when you’ve skipped dinner and opted for shopping first. You’ll often find bags of holiday treats in your cart and eat them in the car on the way to your next stop. Stop! Put down that box of pastries or that bag of candy in holiday shapes. Prepare for it, lest you fall in the trap and destroy everything you’ve gained over months.

It all takes careful planning.

Staying healthy takes planning. It should include making sure you get adequate sleep, schedule in exercise time and finally, planning healthy nutritious food for the holidays. That doesn’t mean you have to have a detailed program, just keep a few things at the top of the list as you plan for the week. One very obvious thing you can do is to take healthy snacks to work. Fresh fruit, nuts and other healthy snacks also make a nice surprise for the office goodie table. If you choose not to buy for everyone, keep these snacks in your desk to help avoid eating a dozen cookies or those delicious puff pastries.

Learn to choose and eat healthy foods first.

No matter where you’re eating, whether it’s at home, in a restaurant or at a friend’s home, there’s always something healthier on the table. It might be a salad or side vegetables. Fill your plate with the healthy options and choose smaller amounts of unhealthy foods. You can eat some unhealthy foods, just don’t make them a whole meal. This is the holidays, after all, not part of your daily eating pattern. You can have some of the goodies, just don’t fill up on unhealthy food first. Start with the healthiest so you’ll be filled up when you get to the high calorie options.

Drink a glass of water before the meal and eat a meal before you leave home.

Some people save their appetite for that big holiday meal. Nothing could be more dangerous if you’ve been shedding pounds. Cake looks sweeter, mashed potatoes look better and that stuffing….OH MY! That stuffing looks delicious. You can use two tricks to help you cut back on food. The first is to eat a healthy meal before you leave your house, so you’ll be less hungry and less likely to graze. The second option is to have 16 ounces of water 30 minutes before a meal to curb your appetite.

  • If you bring a dish for a holiday celebration, bring a healthy option that can be used for grazing. Everyone will appreciate it.
  • Plan an activity after a meal. A walk can be especially good, since it provides some exercise, gets you away from the table and can help prevent overeating after the meal has ended.
  • Eat slowly. Not only will it help your digestion, since a lot of it takes place in your mouth, it will also give your brain time to recognize you’re full, avoiding overeating.
  • Make smarter choices. Pumpkin pie is lower in calories than pecan pie and has far less sugar. Drink wine spritzers that substitutes club soda for some of the wine and calories. Choose white meat like the breast of the turkey and skip the skin.

Give The Gift Of Health

Give The Gift Of Health

Are you confused about what to get a loved one for a gift. It’s hard to get a gift for someone who seemingly has everything or whose real desires, like a Ferrari or Lamborghini is out of your price range. Maybe you should give the gift of health. Here at Next Level Fitness and Next Level Wellness in Irvine, CA, we have some ideas that might help you find the perfect gift that will keep on giving throughout the year.

Give a gift certificate for massage therapy.

Massage therapy can do so much. It can help provide relaxation, take away stress, increase circulation and help take away achy muscles as it helps with inflammation. If your loved one has problem areas or conditions like arthritis, it can help bring relief. Even an athlete will appreciate a sports massage. We offer several different types and you could allow your special person to choose how to which option to choose.

Consider a gift of pampering and good health with a day at the Synergie Spa

Whether your special someone wants to smooth out their cellulite, help get out the aches and pains or just feel better and more relaxed with a treatment, the Synergie Spa has something that helps everyone. It offers body wraps, aromatherapy, supplements for detoxing and weight loss. You may even want to get a far infrared sauna treatment with them. Not only does it provide a detox, it helps relieve stress and fatigue. It also helps joint and muscle pain relief, provides heart health benefits, immune system support and improves metabolism.

Maybe some time with a personal trainer could make your loved one smile.

You might tread lightly with this gift if your special person is sensitive about their weight. However, you can give them something better than just time with a personal trainer. You can give them time with you and a personal trainer. Make it a joint effort to start the new year right with a program of healthy eating and regular exercise. You’ll both be glad you got that gift.

  • Short on cash? Not a problem. Start with a gift certificate for your services. Make the gift one of healthy meals for the next six months with you doing all the shopping and cooking.
  • Start a new hobby or interest that involves exercise. Get a bike for each of you, start hiking or consider rock climbing. If you want something tamer, give a gift of weekly walks to areas of interest around Irvine.
  • Check out some of the chiropractic services. Your special someone will love how they feel after they’ve experienced our help.
  • No matter what gift you give, make it one that enriches your loved ones life. If the gift involves you spending more time with them, all the better. Relationships, caring and love are what the holidays are all about.