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December 2018

Nutrition For The Holidays

Thinking about good nutrition for the holidays isn't normally at the top of the list. That's especially true when a coworker brings in those delicious treats or your standing in front of the dessert table at your holiday get-together. Everywhere you turn there's something tempting to buy. It's especially true when you've skipped dinner and opted for shopping first. You'll often find bags of holiday treats in your cart and eat them in the car on the way to your next stop. Stop! Put down that box of pastries or that bag of candy in holiday shapes. Prepare for it,...

Give The Gift Of Health

Are you confused about what to get a loved one for a gift. It's hard to get a gift for someone who seemingly has everything or whose real desires, like a Ferrari or Lamborghini is out of your price range. Maybe you should give the gift of health. Here at Next Level Fitness and Next Level Wellness in Irvine, CA, we have some ideas that might help you find the perfect gift that will keep on giving throughout the year. Give a gift certificate for massage therapy. Massage therapy can do so much. It can help provide relaxation, take away stress, increase...