Are Massage Guns Good For Sore Muscles?

While the best treatment for aching muscles is normally provided by a massage therapist, massage guns also can bring relief from sore muscles. These devices were first used by massage therapists to help increase circulation and bring aid for pain. They can provide deep relief at home that other types of vibrating machines and foam rollers can’t offer. It’s known as percussion therapy. Today, they’re found in many homes as a quick answer to painful muscles.

Besides muscle pain relief, massage guns can help improve sleep and reduce stress.

It impacts the immune system positively, by increasing blood circulation, which also helps improve overall focus. There are negative effects to bad circulation, like swollen appendages, fatigue, muscle cramps and cold extremities. You can even feel more comfortable lifting heavier and putting more effort into your workout, knowing if it results in muscle pain, the massage gun can help immediately. One study shows that this type of therapy can help improve muscle endurance and power, while decrease the potential for DOMS.

Athletes love massage guns for improving their performance and dealing with post injury care.

The increased circulation helps boost performance and if an injury does occur, the use of a massage gun can help reduce the recovery time. They help enhance flexibility by providing circulation to both muscles and fascial tissue. Whether it’s sciatica, muscle cramps, spasms or soreness, TMJ, low back pain, shin splints or carpal tunnel, massage gun therapy can help.

The design of a massage gun makes them easier to use on your own body.

If you have sore upper back muscles, you can direct the massage gun to help reduce the pain and it’s far easier to use and better than a foam roller. You can direct a family member to use it on the muscles that are sore. Even if they don’t have much hand strength or any massage skills, you’ll still get a good, deep massage. While there are all types of massage guns, some are light enough you can take them when you travel, providing relief everywhere you go.

  • You may run the risk of injury or lack of results if you don’t use them correctly. Read the instructions and check online for the proper way to use them. Better yet, learn from your massage therapist.
  • You can’t use massage guns on sprains, broken bones and areas of severe swelling. Check with your doctor if you want to use them where you have varicose veins or have conditions like hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis or other conditions.
  • Not all massage guns are created equally. Some are better than others. Do your research to make sure you’re getting the most for your money. Some guns that are lower in price are just as good as more expensive ones.
  • Always read instructions carefully and avoid using a massage gun on the same spot for more than 20 seconds or if the area turns red. Make sure you’re using the right speed and pressure. If you feel an electric shock-type of pain, stop immediately.

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