Be Your Healthiest Version Now

What is your healthiest version of you? If you don’t know or haven’t experienced the healthiest you for a while, it’s time to make a change. You could look better, feel better and enjoy the benefits of good health and more energy by starting today. If you take your car to the mechanic for regular oil changes and other maintenance, are you treating your body as well as you do your vehicle? If the answer is no, then you have to ask, “why not?”

Start by deciding what’s important to you.

Do you want more energy? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want a toner, better looking body or simply want to feel better every day? That’s a start on finding what the best version of you is. When you workout with a personal trainer, one of the first things the trainer will discuss is your goal. Once you know your goal, the trainer works with you by creating a plan that provides the steps to help you reach it. The “best you” is a very personal goal. You are unique and deserve a personalized plan.

Treat your body with kindness.

Let’s go back to the car analogy. What if you put water or sugar in the gas tank? Your car would cease running immediately. The same is true for your body. If you feed it the wrong fuel, it definitely will affect how you feel, how you look and your overall energy and health. Learning to eat healthier is one important part of being the best version of yourself. In fact, most trainers feel that a great body starts in the kitchen and that diet is an integral part of fitness.

Make lifestyle changes, which includes exercise and healthy eating.

While eating healthy and exercising play a big role in being the best version of yourself, so does staying hydrated, getting adequate sleep and eliminating bad habits, like smoking or drinking too much alcohol. If you’re tired, grab a glass of water, it will boost your energy level faster than a cup of coffee. Mild dehydration can make your energy level drop significantly.

  • If you smoke and want to quit, exercising can help you do that. Not only will you be helping yourself by quitting smoking, you’ll also be helping your body become stronger and stave off the weight gain that quitting smoking can cause.
  • Staying hydrated is particularly important the older you get, since you tend to dehydrate faster as you age. Even mild dehydration in seniors can cause symptoms of dementia or UTIs.
  • Getting adequate sleep is not only heart healthy, it helps you function better mentally and can be a benefit for anyone trying to lose weight. Lack of sleep makes your body produce more ghrelin—the hunger hormone and suppress the creation of leptin—the one that make you feel full.
  • Our trainers can help you become the best possible you, while also helping you reach your goals. In fact, once you reach your goal, they’ll also help you set the next goal to become even better.

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