Be Your Own Project

your own projectIt doesn’t matter what your hobby, whether gardening and bringing life from the soil or finding great antiques to refurbish, there’s another project you should always have at the top of your list and that’s you. You should be your own project, bring life and energy back into your body while making it fabulous looking in the process. Not only will be able to proudly show off the results to more other people, you’ll have more energy for other things you love to do.

It doesn’t matter what the project, when you start seeing the change you’re more motivated to continue.

That’s one reason people love working with our personal trainers. They get to see results faster. It’s like anything else, when the plants start poking through the garden or that bureau you’re refinishing shows signs of life, you get excited to continue and see what other miracles it has to behold. The greatest part of being your own project is that you get many other big benefits besides just looking great.

You’ll be healthier and work faster, with time left over for other things.

One huge reason to take care of yourself first is to have the energy for other activities. The time you take exercising and eating healthier reflects in how quickly you can accomplish other tasks. Both mental and physical tasks become easier when you’re in shape. Several studies show exercising improves your cognitive thinking and even helps prevent or slow dementia. It creates new neural paths in the brain to make learning easier. Of course, the strength, endurance and flexibility helps in your everyday life. It lets you work or play longer, carry heavier loads and prevents injury from doing simple tasks.

Best of all, you’ll shed extra pounds and look years younger than you did before you exercised.

This project has huge benefits that you can see right away, plus many that aren’t as visible, but still there. The slimmer, well defined body that exercise creates is one of those and it comes with a more youthful appearance. The bounce in your step accounts for some of that, but your complexion is the other part. Exercising stimulates circulation, sending oxygen and nutrition rich blood to all parts of the body, creating a shimmering glow and younger appearance.

The new you will have a sexier appearance and an improved sex drive. Part of the reason is your new self-confidence and improved self-image.

You’ll be healthier. In fact, your doctor will probably tell you that your cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar level numbers all improved. Exercising regularly also helps stave off osteoporosis even better than some medications and the only side effect is a super fit body.

You’ll sleep better at night. A good night’s sleep is both heart healthy and helps you avoid sugary snacks you might need otherwise to boost your energy level.

Once you start your program, you’ll love finding great recipes that are healthy and may even make this a brand new hobby.

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