Beach Body Ready

Everyone wants to be beach body ready, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. The good news is that it’s never too late to get started. You could be seeing a huge difference in just 30 days and have the body you want in a few months when you have the help of one of our many personal trainers. At NLF, we choose only the best personal trainers in the area to insure our clients get the result they want. We assess each person and identify their fitness needs, while listening to their goals and any special needs or limitations. That way, trainers can create a safe program that gets results fast!

If you’re like many people, trying on swimsuits can be a painful experience.

There are a lot of comedy routines about women trying on swimsuits and the disastrous results, but it’s not funny when you’re doing it in real life. It can be a horrible experience filled with embarrassment and hurtful remarks from insensitive sales people and friends. We know you want to look great and we can help. It will be hard work, but if you’re willing to give it your all, we’ll do everything to help make a beach ready body possible this summer.

What you eat makes a difference.

At NLF, we don’t give you a diet, but help you learn how to eat healthier and make lifestyle changes. Dieting doesn’t work. That’s because diets always end and then you go back to old eating habits, regaining the weight you lost and sometimes more. We show you how to make changes to your eating habits, substituting one food for another or making smarter selections. While we might give you an eating plan, it’s just to aid you until you learn all the foods that create healthy eating and lower your calorie intake. Most people find they eat more and love the change..

You need to do more than just lose weight to look great.

Some of the clients at NLF only need to lose a few pounds, but desperately need to tone their muscles to get the beach body ready look they want. Sometimes, you may not need to shed any weight at all, or even gain weight, to get the look you want to feel confident in beach wear. We help everyone. Whether you’re the guy that gets sand kicked in his face by the beach bully or the woman hiding under layers of clothing to hide the excess weight, you won’t have to face the embarrassment of being out of shape after working with us for a while.

You’ll notice a difference in how you feel. Not only does exercise and healthy eating improve your overall health, it also stimulates the production of hormones that boost your mood.

You’ll see a huge improvement in your posture after a few weeks. That not only helps make you look thinner and fitter, it also adds confidence and gives you presence.

You’ll find you love the new way of eating and never feel hungry. You can eat anywhere and still eat healthy when you know the right types of food to choose.

Not only do you deserve to look and feel great, your family deserves it too. When you’re healthy, you have more energy to enjoy time with them creating memories that last a lifetime.

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