Beach Time

If you’re dreading beach time because you don’t want to wear your swimsuit in public and simply don’t have the ambition to be active, there’s still time to change all that. We can help you get back into shape and into the fun that beach time can bring. Before you know it, you’ll be comfortable in your skimpiest swimwear and enjoying every active minute that summer brings, whether it’s going to the beach or on a long nature hike.

We’ll develop a personalized program for you.

No two people are alike and we know that. That’s one reason we assess everyone’s fitness level and make sure we know their goals and special needs. While you might not be able to do anything more than a modified push-up on bent knees, someone else who can do fingertip push-ups would find that way too easy. The plan we develop will work you hard, but still be within your abilities. As you improve, we’ll adjust that plan to get you to your beachwear goal faster.

Don’t forget to eat healthier!

Summer and healthy eating go hand in hand. Not only are most people changing to lighter weight and more revealing clothing, there’s a whole new group of fruits and vegetables from which to choose. We don’t recommend dieting. They just don’t work. It’s like trying to fake enjoyment. Sure you can do it for a while, but it’s not the way you want to live forever. Instead, we show you some great tips of what foods you should eat, substitutions you can make to lower calorie counts and foods you should avoid. You’ll not only be eating healthier, you’ll shed pounds and never have to diet again.

You attack fat two ways.

Exercising not only makes you feel good and builds energy galore, it also helps you shed pounds. It builds muscle tissue as it burns calories, too. You’ll lose weight faster once you have more muscle tissue. That’s because muscle tissue requires more calories, so effectively, you’ll be boosting your metabolism and burning more 24/7. Healthy eating also lowers your caloric intake, giving fat tissue a double whammy.

We help keep you from plateauing. That occurs when you do the same routine at each session. The body becomes more efficient and burns fewer calories. We vary the routines.

Not all exercise programs are alike. Some are more effective than others are. Our training helps us create programs that get results fast.

You’ll burn off the hormones of stress, such as cortisol, which is linked to abdominal fat. Not only will you feel better, you’re less likely to need comfort food or go through bouts of stress eating.

Your complexion will improve. Exercising sends oxygen and nutrient rich blood to all parts of your body by increasing circulation. It eliminates toxins and can help clear your complexion and/or make it look years younger.

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