Being Healthy Is The Absence Of Dis-Ease

Being healthy Is the absence of “Dis-Ease.” That is a logical statement that may lead you to question why the odd spelling of disease and why the quotes. Disease is composed of two parts. The prefix, dis, means not. The root word is ease meaning soothing or free from pain. If you’re in a state of disease, you’re not in a soothing or free from pain or illness state. Recently health care providers have found that keeping the body at its functioning best is the logical way to prevent illness. Anyone can understand that it’s far better to stay healthy than try to recover from an illness.

A healthy diet is the start of a healthy lifestyle.

In order to keep your body properly performing, you have to give it the fuel it requires. Not only does it take adequate vitamins and nutrients, it also requires other substances, such as phytonutrients found in plants. These nutrients are often neglected unless you eat a diet rich in colorful vegetables and fruit. Eating whole foods, foods that aren’t heavily processed, helps you too. Obesity is one of the leading causes of preventable illness and a healthy diet can help you lose weight and avoid that pitfall.

Regular exercise keeps everything moving.

Regular exercise can do so much for your body, from stimulating the immune system to keeping arteries clear. It increases circulation that sends oxygen and nutrient rich blood to every part of your body to help build cells and remove toxins in the process. Studies show that regular exercise can even help prevent serious conditions such as osteoporosis, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Misalignment, tight muscles and blocked lymphatic flow take their toll on the body.

If there’s a kink in a hose, the water won’t flow. Your body is a wonderful mass of circulating fluids that keep it moving with ease. If you’re misaligned, you won’t be at your healthiest. It can effect blood and lymphatic fluid movement, nerve functioning and even movement to create an uncomfortable, unhealthy body. Chiropractic care can help elevate this problem if it’s caused by subluxation. Massage therapy can loosen tight muscles and stimulate circulation for a healthier you.

Getting adequate sleep is an important part of good health. Studies show that lack of sleep can contribute to heart disease.

You won’t sleep well or even feel like exercising if your muscles ache or you have nerve pain shooting through your body. This is another reason massage and chiropractic help keeps you healthier.

A healthy lifestyle not only includes being physically healthy, it also includes good emotional health. Regular exercise helps burn off hormones created by stress and stimulates those that make you feel good.

Taking a few minutes for a quiet time alone each day will help you clear your mind and keep you healthier.

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