Best Thanksgiving

Best Thanksgiving

You can make this your best Thanksgiving yet by starting now with a program of healthy eating and regular exercise. It’s not too late to get into better shape for the holidays. Even after two weeks, you’ll notice a huge difference in your energy level and how your clothing fits. You’ll look better and feel better, too. You’ll get a head start on learning what foods to eat at the holiday table and even how to make your favorites a little healthier.

If you’ve been exercising and eating healthy, you’ll be ready for the holidays.

Thanksgiving means food and lots of it. Some of the food is superb in both nutritional value and flavor. Others simply aren’t. Luckily, once you know which is which, you can load your plate with healthy low calorie foods and use the higher calorie ones for trimmings. That’s right, you can still eat those mashed potatoes and a little bit of gravy, just not a Santa Ana mountain size serving. You’ll know exactly what to eat and enjoy every minute of it, while grazing constantly on the vegetable plate and other healthy foods for snacks.

If you’ve just started program, you’ll be amazed at how your self image rises.

While you might not see all the results you want, just knowing you’re talking a fitness issue can give you an improved self image. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is a treat that not everyone has the pleasure of enjoying. That extra bit of confidence goes a long way to making your day far more fun and the best Thanksgiving yet.

Start your day off right.

No matter how busy you are, make the time to eat a healthy breakfast and exercise before you go over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house or have family and friends knocking at your door. That short 30 minute walk or workout can burn off the stress hormones and help you relax and enjoy the rest of the day. The breakfast will give you extra energy to accomplish all your tasks with time to spare.

It’s time to find the perfect healthy food to take to a family celebration if it’s pot luck. You’ll dazzle them with flavor and know that the food is healthier than anyone would guess. Start trying new recipes to find the one your like.

Make sure you take your time eating so your brain has time to receive the signal that your body is full. Get involved with others at the dinner and spend more time talking while you eat or simply eat slow and savor each bite slowly.

Drink extra water throughout the day and avoid alcoholic beverages. If you drink a glass of wine with the meal, take very small sips to make it last longer.

Portion control is extremely important. Put small portions on your plate, filling in the gap with salad or vegetables. You can always ask for seconds if you’re still hungry.

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