Can I Put Collagen In My Coffee?

Every day, there’s something new that is supposed to be a healthy option. One of the latest is to add collagen to coffee. Why? The answer is simple. Collagen is healthy and important for every part of the body. As you get older, you produce less collagen. While collagen is important for connective tissues, joints and ligaments, will extra collagen reduce wrinkling, joint pain and the signs of aging? Those are just a few of the reasons for the latest fad of adding collagen to coffee.

Your body makes collagen.

Collagen is found everywhere. It’s in the muscles, skin, tendons and bones. In fact, it’s a third of the weight of all the protein in the body. Most of the collagen in the body, about 85%, is type I, II, or III.That’s the collagen in skin, ligaments, dentin, interstitial tissue between cells, in the eye, skin, muscles, cartilage and blood vessels. Your body produces collagen, but that slows as you age. That causes wrinkles, joint pain and ligament issues.

Collagen supplements are primarily type 1 collagen that affects skin, tendons, bone, ligaments, dentin and more.

You can increase your collagen a number of ways. Collagen can come from natural sources. A bone broth made from organic produce is one way, but you also can take supplements. Most supplements are type 1 collagen that’s good for the skin, cartilage, bone and more, type II is important for cartilage. The more cartilage you have on the end of your bones and the less joint pain. Bone broth contains type II collagen. Most supplements are already broken down and can be flavored or unflavored. The type added to coffee and other beverages is unflavored.

Adding collagen to your diet may provide some other benefits.

You might improve your complexion if you take collagen supplements. Lack of collagen affects skin elasticity and hydration. Increasing it with supplements may help. The topical type isn’t as effective as when it’s taken orally and taking it can also provide other benefits, such as reduction of joint pain from arthritis and prevention of bone loss. Taking vitamin D, phosphorus, calcium and collagen may help prevent bone loss.

  • Some believe that taking collagen supplements can help you lose weight and is the reason for collagen in the coffee. That occurs because the extra protein makes you feel fuller, but for collagen, it lasts hours longer than most protein.
  • Do you have muscle tears and problems working out due to injury? Some studies show that collagen can reduce damage to muscle tissue and boost recovery.
  • Adding collagen may aid in digestive issues like leaky gut and Crohn’s. It can even help ulcerative colitis and acid reflux. It can help reduce the pain of rheumatoid arthritis and help improve sleep.
  • You may benefit from adding collagen to your coffee, but you’ll also benefit from bone broth, a good source of collagen. Take it with fruits, berries and vegetables to boost the activity of the collagen.

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