Carry A Water Bottle Everywhere

No matter what the weather, I carry a water bottle everywhere. It’s partially because I like water. Somewhat because I get thirsty frequently, but also because water boosts my energy level without the high and low repercussions of a sugary soft drink. Water is good for you too. In fact, the brain is composed mostly of water, so you can see how staying hydrated can keep you more alert. The heart and brain contains 73 % water, the lungs have 83% and muscles and kidneys contain 79%.

You’ll notice everything is harder to do and your ability to function reduces when you’re dehydrated.

You can face serious consequences if you dehydrate. Your body needs water to do many of the functions of life. It helps keep your temperature regulated and is necessary to build new cells. If you’re feeling out of sorts, maybe it’s slight dehydration. Water helps you get rid of waste material in your body. It also is a great shock absorber for the brain and lubricates your joints.

To help take off weight, carry a bottle of water.

Did you know that sometimes you think you’re hungry but you’re really thirsty. Those are the times When watermelon and juicy fruit sounds really good. Just think before you eat that bowl of ice cream. Drink a glass or bottle of water and wait for a few minutes. Many times, you’ll be surprised that the craving to eat disappears. Another trick is to drink a full glass of cold water right before a meal. The coldness of the water burns extra calories while the water itself fills you up so you eat less.

I call water my quicker picker upper.

When I feel exhausted and need to keep going, I don’t turn to coffee, but instead go for water. Water also can provide relief if you have achy muscles or feel exhausted. One sign of mild dehydration is achy muscles…and excessive tiredness. One problem with coffee is that it contains caffeine. If dehydration is a problem, you don’t need more caffeine in your system. Caffeine can actually cause you to lose more fluid. Drink water throughout the day to stay at your best. Most people suggest 8-eight ounce glasses of water every day. Drink one the first thing in the morning to get your body awake.

  • If you’re bloated and in a battle with water weight, it may sound counterproductive to drink more water, but it works. Water is actually a great diuretic and helps flush out the excess fluid you retained.
  • Your age makes a difference in how fast you dehydrate. Older people often dehydrate faster than younger people do. Sometimes, it’s mistaken for senility or dementia. Frequent UTIs may be a sign that you’re also dehydrated. Your body doesn’t have enough fluid to flush out bacteria.
  • If you want to look your best, drink more water. It keeps your skin looking smoother and young. While you can’t expect to look 20 years younger, it does prevent premature lines and wrinkles.
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