Change Your Attitude Toward Fitness

If you’re trying to get fit in Irvine, CA or anywhere else, one of the biggest hurdles you face is your attitude toward fitness. Your attitude can make a huge difference. On those days when you feel like going directly home, rather than going to the gym first, it’s your mind, not your body that rules. If you’re focused on getting fit and have a determined attitude, you’ll go. If not, not only will you go home rather than working out that night, but ultimately skip many nights until you no longer have a fitness program, just another empty promise to yourself.

You need a reason to stick with fitness.

There are any number of reasons that you may have started a workout program. You may have started because you simply want to feel better or you’re tired of carrying around the extra weight. You may have started because your doctor gave you some bad news and exercise is one of the options that help. No matter what your reason, it should be important to you, not because a spouse or friend suggested you should. When the reason is important to you, the chances of success are bigger.

Expect it to be hard.

Don’t go in thinking that it will be a walk in the park. However, there’s also a downside in expecting it to be hard. That’s when you expect it to be TOO hard for you to do. You have to know its tough but that you’re capable of achieving anything when it comes to being your best self. That’s especially true if you’re working with a personal trainer. The trainer identifies your level of fitness before creating a program. It’s created specifically to work you toward your maximum potential safely. If the trainer created it, you can do it.

Learn to appreciate every movement.

Each time you do any exercise or any movement at all for that matter, you’re working different muscles. Feel each muscle as it does its job. Appreciate how amazing your body is and enjoy the fact that you’re getting fitter every time you do it. One of my older clients literally giggles when she works out. She had such a problem doing some of the movements at first, that now, after weeks of working, she loves the fact her body is responding.

  • Assess why you don’t like your workout. If it’s because you’re bored, either find something that interests you or work with a trainer. Trainers continuously change the workout to avoid both boredom and plateauing.
  • Track the number of reps you can do, the weight you can lift or how long you can do each movement. It helps you appreciate how much you’re achieving.
  • Keep your eye on the brass ring. Keep your goal constantly in front of you to help it stay as top priority. That’s one reason having a goal that is important helps you stay on course.
  • Every day you go to the gym, appreciate each movement. Be glad that you’re doing what it takes to ensure you’ll be able to continue those movements even as you age.

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