Change Your Life

If you want to change your life, one simple way to start is with a program of fitness. While getting fit isn’t the answer to all problems, it can do so much for you when it comes to energy levels, health and improving your mental attitude that it’s a great place to start. If you’re under mountains of stress, a good workout is a great stress buster. Not only does it burn off the hormones created by stress, it replaces them with ones that make you fell good.

You’ll be building confidence as you become fitter.

The stronger you are physically, the more confidence you’ll develop. That’s one of the huge benefits of working out. You’re not only working toward a goal, but you’ll be seeing the results rather quickly, which helps you build the confidence to work toward other goals or stay on track with your fitness goals. Success breeds success and when you accomplish a fitness goal, you’ll develop more confidence to work on other areas. One study shows that when people start a workout program, they have a better self-image, even before they see results.

You’ll have more energy.

Having enough energy to make changes in your life can be a huge problem. That’s where becoming fitter can be a huge benefit. It’s so amazing, but the more energy you expend in exercise, the more energy you develop. You won’t notice the upswing immediately, but within a few weeks, you’ll start noticing how much easier it is to do everything and just how much more endurance you have.

You’ll think clearer.

Not only does exercise burn off the brain fog created by stress, it also helps you think better. It triggers the brain to create more cells and improves the neural pathways. You can listen to music while you workout to improve it even more. Regular exercise not only increases the blood flow to the brain, it improves cognitive thinking. Some studies show it helps prevent dementia and may be an aid to slow Alzheimer’s. It restores youthful levels of BDNF in the brain that can diminish with age. BDNF encourages brain plasticity and protects the neurons from injury. Clearer thinking is an important key to change.

You’ll feel fantastic after a workout because of the happy hormones it stimulates. Feeling good can help give you the lift you need to change your life.

You’ll love how you look and that makes you more confident.

You’ll sleep better at night after you workout. A good night’s sleep can give you the extra energy and clear mind to take charge of your life.

You’ll have better posture and more presence after just a few weeks of working out. People recognize that. More presence often leads to more respect.

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