Consider A Lifestyle Coach

Losing weight or getting back into shape and healthy again can be extremely difficult, whether you’re recuperating from a serious condition or years of inactivity and poor habits. If you’re struggling but going nowhere to solve your problems with health, consider a lifestyle coach and turn around your life, changing years or months of failure into success. A lifestyle or wellness coach doesn’t just show you how to exercise, but looks at your overall health and the decisions you make that affect it. Lifestyle coaches keep in regular contact with you even when you don’t have a scheduled workout. Sometimes personal trainers are also lifestyle coaches.

Teaching you how to make wiser decisions in your dietary intake is part of a wellness lifestyle coaches job.

A wellness or lifestyle coach won’t give you a diet. Following a strict diet doesn’t provide any skills you can use in the future, unless you plan on sticking with it for the rest of your life. Instead, the wellness coach shows you how to choose foods that provide more nutrition, yet fewer calories or how to make the foods you love lower in calories by making substitutions or modifying them, such as open face sandwiches that only use one slice of bread rather than two. Enhancing the nutritional value of foods may come from adding herbs and spices. You’ll learn a new way of eating that is far more filling and satisfying, yet still lower in calories and higher in nutritional value.

Coaches can help you with an exercise program.

Regular exercise is an important part of staying fit, losing weight, staying healthier and feeling younger and more vital. Lifestyle coaches can create workouts that will help you get into shape. They’ll show you exercises of all types, which include those for balance, endurance, strength and flexibility. You’ll learn how to do many different exercises correctly, so you’ll always be armed with an arsenal of routines.

Lifestyle coaches can help you overcome the problem of stress.

Stress triggers hormones that were necessary for the fight or flight reaction when man was still wearing woolly mammoth suits, but that’s not always true today, when running from a sabertooth tiger just isn’t part of anyone’s day. Unfortunately, stress from traffic jams, crying babies and angry bosses still trigger those hormones that can cause damage to the body if they aren’t burned off by physical activity. A lifestyle coach can help you with coping mechanisms, including yoga and meditation, which can calm you before the level of stress escalates.

Lifestyle coaches can be beneficial in helping you quit bad habits, such as smoking, without developing new bad habits to replace them, such as overeating.

You’ll get more from a wellness or lifestyle coach than you could ever receive from other weight loss program.

A lifestyle coach can help you discover triggers that make you overeat or identify habits of eating you do without thinking.

You’ll start to see alternative ways to stay more active throughout the day, such as taking the stairs rather than the elevator or parking at a more distant spot when going shopping, rather than circling the lot for hours to find a closer one.

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