Customized Workouts Designed For You

You are a unique individual. You may look like your parents or even have an identical twin, but your bodies will be different unless you experience everything the same. If identical twins had different exercise habits, one working out regularly and the other barely getting out of the easy chair, their bodies would reflect that difference. That’s why customized workouts can be so beneficial. They focus on areas that need more help and match your fitness level.

If you’ve ever joined a class and felt bored or left behind, you understand.

There’s nothing wrong with joining exercise groups. At least you’re moving, but it’s easy to get discouraged. If the class is too difficult, it can be embarrassing, confusing, and defeating. If it’s too easy, you’re not making progress and most likely getting bored. Both can lead to quitting the classes. If you stick with it, you’ll be getting exercise but not necessarily maximizing your workout to get the most benefit from your time. A customized workout considers your fitness level.

Customized workouts address your goals.

If your goal is weight loss, your workout will contain high-calorie-burning exercises. They’ll focus on burning fat and building muscle tissue since the more muscle tissue you have, the more calories you burn. If it’s to increase your endurance so you don’t huff and puff climbing a flight of stairs, your customized workout will be different. Matching your workout to your goals is one reason to customize.

Customized workouts are constantly changing.

Personal trainers create customized workouts. They also track your progress and make adjustments as you continue. If the workout is accomplishing the goal and it becomes easier, that means you’ve reached a new fitness level. It’s also when the trainer modifies the workout to match that new fitness level. If you aren’t making the progress hoped for, the trainer also adjusts the workout to make it more effective.

  • When you have a customized workout, you’ll progress faster. You won’t waste time doing exercises that don’t address your needs. Trainers who create these workouts also know the exercises that get the best results.
  • Trainers identify weak muscle groups that cause smaller muscles to take over their tasks. That can lead to injuring those muscles. Customized workouts are also tailored to limitations, like knee or back problems.
  • The right type of workout can get better results in less time. Many customized workouts require less time spent in the gym. They are often complex exercises, HIIT workouts, or circuit training.
  • Personal trainers create customized workouts and continually check on your progress. They hold you accountable. You’ll get positive feedback when you accomplish something difficult, too.

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