Don’t Be Limited By Pain

There’s no reason to allow pain to take over your life, when there are many ways to not just control it, but in some cases, eliminate it permanently. If you’re missing out on important functions or all the joy life has to offer, finding the right techniques is important. Don’t assume you’ll always be limited by pain or need to take medication that makes you drowsy and less alert to control it. Alternatives are available that will enhance your life, not just dull your senses.

You’ll feel better with exercise.

You might not think that working out is the best thing to do if you’re in pain, but it all depends on the reason for the pain and the condition. The body creates its own natural pain killers when you workout, called endorphins. Exercise has been found effective in reducing the pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia and back pain. It strengthens core muscles to help the back, increases circulation and improves strength and flexibility in the joints.

The Frenzian treatment can help.

This treatment was specifically created to help with pain by a surgeon in the UK. It produces electrical impulses to stimulate the nerves. It’s been shown to help improve not only chronic back pain, but also has proven helpful for osteoarthritis, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, muscle injury, TMJ, tennis elbow, neuropathies and reflex sympathetic dystrophy—RSD. Best of all, it’s non-invasive and treatment only takes from five to ten minutes.

Consider Active Release Technique—ART—for pain relief.

ART is good for a number of conditions, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder pain, sciatica, back pain, headaches and other conditions that come from the overuse of muscles. Those injuries cause microscopic tears in the muscle tissue that accumulate. Eventually, scar tissue forms and that causes a host of problems, such as weaker, shorter muscles, trapped nerves and tendonitis. ART works directly on that scar tissue. Besides causing pain, they cause loss of flexibility and strength in the area, often producing numbness and tingling.

  • Massage therapy helps reduce pain several ways. It relaxes all the tendons and muscles in the area of the pain, helps reduce the stress that occurs with pain and can help diminish the pain message from the brain.
  • FIT—Fascial Integrative Treatment—is a form of muscular manipulation that treats soft tissue adhesions. It has a three-pronged approach, first breaking up the adhesions, next getting back normal tissue flexibility and finally restoring the area injured back to normalcy.
  • Spa treatments aren’t just to make yo more attractive. Many of the treatments can also bring pain relief. A far infrared sauna, for instance, has been shown helpful in treating rheumatoid arthritis, headache and even chronic health conditions like high blood pressure and congestive heart failure.
  • Most people love the option of using alternative pain treatment, including physical therapy. In almost all cases, these alternative techniques provide benefits, without the potential of side effects.

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