Energize Through Relaxation

Energize Through Relaxation

You can renew your vim and vigor with exercise, while also burning off the hormones created by stress, but you can also energize through relaxation. You don’t have to learn a complicated relaxation technique either. Something as simple as taking a retreat to a quiet spot during the day can help. However, for most of us, that quiet spot is not in the proximity of our work or home. Even if it was, it takes more than just minutes to eliminate the stresses of the day without help.

Massage therapy could be your answer.

When you get a massage, it stimulates circulation, relaxes tight muscles and puts you almost instantly into harmony with your body. Anxiety, stress and other worries often make their way to become tight shoulder, neck and back. A therapist works on those areas to eliminate the hormones created by stress and stimulate the production of hormones that make you feel good.

Massage does more than just relax the body.

Massage is effective in reducing pain by stimulating circulation and loosening tight muscles. It also helps reduce stress and the muscle tightness it causes. It’s been found helpful for a number of conditions, such as sports injuries, TMJ, soft tissue strain, myofascial pain syndrome and digestive disorders. If you suffer from insomnia, massage can help. You’ll get more than just renewed energy when you have a therapeutic massage

Massage therapy can get the pathways for blood circulation and nutrients open again.

You may not even realize how you start to tense your body when you’re under stress. It may be because in today’s world, almost every waking moment has potential for stressful situations, even though they may be low grade stress. For instance, have you ever been listening to television when a commercial came on the screen? It’s often not just louder but incredibly loud and disturbing, but you don’t realize it unless you mute the television and feel the relaxation overwhelm you. Those small stresses build up to big changes in your body that massage can address and get you back to a relaxed state.

When you’re in pain, your brain isn’t ready to relax. It’s too busy telling you to do something about the pain or announcing it every few seconds. Massage therapy can help reduce the pain.

Lack of sleep can cast a negative cloud over your day. Massage therapy can help you sleep better at night and wake up energized.

The stimulation of blood flow does more than just help your body, it helps feed the brain too. That’s energizing.

Studies show that human touch is healing and also beneficial for anxiety and depression. Massage provides that in a non-threatening manner.

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