Find A Motivational Book

motivational booksLosing weight and getting into shape can be easier if you find a motivational book to provide words of wisdom to feed your mind. Let’s face it, losing weight is like any other challenge in life. You need a goal, a plan to get their and the motivation to follow those steps daily. Tony Robbins, a motivational speaker and book writer, got into the business because he was obese in high school and decided to turn his life around. His success led him to helping others reach their goals. Good advice for success translates to every area of your life.

Create a motivational list of phrases.

Sticky notes can help you when they contain positive messages. Use a sticky note with phrases like, “Eat less sugar, you’re sweet enough,” or “Good habits are as addictive as bad habits, but so much more rewarding.” Gather your own personal favorites and write them out, then post them in appropriate places. You might put a reminder to eat healthier on the refrigerator, such as “Think skinny jeans” or use whatever motivates you to stay on track of your goals.

Create a motivational song list.

I have a client that exercises to an endless loop of “Easy Street,” a song used to torture Daryl when he was locked in a compound. It’s an extremely happy song, which makes her smile. It also drives her spouse crazy, which she says is just a bonus. She knows that 24 repetitions of the song is a 40 minute workout, so she uses it once a week to dance to 24 repetitions. In the past, she used disco favorites like “I will Survive,” “St. Elmo’s Fire–Man in Motion,” or the theme from any Rocky movie. It provides a beat for the workout and a message at the same time.

Set realistic goals.

You may want and need to lose 100 pounds, but don’t expect to do it the first few months. Setting achievable goals is important. While a huge weight loss goal can seem unattainable, breaking it down to smaller, more achievable goals can help. You’ll appreciate yourself more if you set a 10 percent weight loss goal. In this case, it would be 10 pounds, then set a reasonable time for it to happen, such as a month. As a personal trainer, I try to help clients set goals that are achievable and healthy, so they can celebrate the accomplishment.

Don’t be a perfectionist when it comes to weight loss. People who expect to be perfect often give up when they fall off the wagon and give up completely.

Phone a friend. Get a workout buddy or diet buddy you can phone when you need a boost.

Cheer for your successes, no matter how small. If you’re new to working out, it may be enduring a cardio for five minutes longer or lifting a heavier weight. Be your own cheerleader.

Change your lifestyle. Most people gain weight out of habit. A habit of eating poorly, leading a sedentary lifestyle and grabbing snacks and fast food on the go. Change your habits and change your life.

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