Find Your Endurance

Find Your Endurance

If you think you’ve lost all your get up and go, you can find your endurance again with a little bit of work. While all types of fitness are important, whether it’s flexibility, strength, balance or endurance, stamina and endurance seems to disappear faster than the others. If you’re huffing and puffing after one flight of stairs, you need to work to get back the energy and stamina of your youth. It’s not magic, it’s a labor of love you can have for your body that will reflect in every area of your life.

Exhaustion is no laughing matter.

You might joke about your backside dragging, but it’s really not funny when you don’t have the energy to do everything you want to experience that makes life worth living. You’ll get more out of life the more you work on building back the stamina and endurance you once had, or never had and wish you did. It takes perseverance but is well worth the effort. You’ll be able to do all those things you’ve dreamed about but didn’t have the energy to tackle.

You’ll build more than just endurance when you workout.

Working out and regular exercise does more for you than build strength, endurance and flexibility. It gives you a new lease on life and improves your self image. You’ll see a dramatic change in the way you think about other challenges and be willing to take the risk to achieve other life goals that may have intimidated you previously. Others will notice the change in your demeanor and you’ll notice they treat you with more respect.

You’ll have energy to do more and cut your doctor bills in the process.

Many of the illnesses in today’s society come from inactivity and obesity. In fact, obesity is the number cause of preventable illnesses and death today, surpassing smoking several years ago. When you workout on a regular basis to increase your endurance, you do even more than that. You lengthen the telomeres that protect the chromosomes, stimulate the brain to increase antioxidant production, shed weight, burn off the excess hormones from stress and stimulate the production of hormones that make you feel good.

You can combine a healthy diet with exercise for endurance to shed pounds faster.

You’ll build your self-esteem just by starting a program, consider how great you’ll feel when you start seeing results.

A personal trainer can show you ways to exercise that get faster results.

Your libido will improve as your endurance improves. That’s a good reason to workout as a couple if you have a significant other in your life.

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