Get Relief From Back Pain

Whether it’s the upper back, mid back or lower back, back pain can ruin your day. It can interfere with productivity and make you want to can get relief from back pain. One way is to get a massage. A massage not only helps your muscles relax, it also improves circulation, boosts endorphins and relieves stress. Studies show it does more than just help you feel good while you’re getting the massage, it also helps lessen future back pain. If you have access to a heated pool, your body’s buoyancy in water helps relieve the pressure of gravity.

Stretch your muscles for reduced pain.

One of my favorite exercises to reduce lower back pain is extremely simple. Lie on your back with both knees bent, hold a bath size towel with one end in each hand. Lift one foot off the ground and loop the towel around the bottom of the foot then gently pull the leg up, straightening it as you go until it’s directly above your hips perpendicular to the ground. You’ll feel it stretch all your muscles. Lower it and switch legs. This gives me instant relief after sitting in front of a computer screen for a while. Upper back exercises include stretching the arms out to the side and twisting from side to side or turning the head from side to side and attempting to touch the ears to the shoulders.

Go out for a walk in the sun.

Not only will the walk help increase circulation, the rays of the sun will warm your skin and provide you with vitamin D. A study showed that people suffering from constant back pain that didn’t have a specific cause were helped by improving their vitamin D levels. In all studies, those with chronic unexplained back pain had lower vitamin D levels. Increasing vitamin D can reduce the amount of pain without taking a supplement. The walk also increases circulation.

Learn relaxation techniques.

If you have an injury, you can help it heal by practicing relaxation techniques. It’s tough to do when you’re in pain. Start with slow stretches, moving like a cat and then get into your relaxation position. Put a heating pad on your back while you’re meditating, just to help things along a bit. Start doing it for short periods and work your way up to twice a day for 15 minutes.

  • Work with your personal trainer to help build your abdominal muscles and work on back strengthening exercises. If your stomach muscles are weak, they make your back muscles work harder.
  • Drink plenty of water. The water flushes toxins out of your system and also can help reduce stiffness.
  • Get plenty of sleep. Sleep helps the body restore the muscle tissue and allows them to relax. Avoid caffeinated drinks, but enjoy a warm drink, like chamomile tea.
  • Keep a positive attitude. Laughing more is good for relieving pain. It boosts the production of endorphins.

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