How Important Is A Regular Exercise Schedule?

If you want to be successful and finally stick with your exercise regimen, one technique that can help is a regular exercise schedule. How many times have you had a busy day and decided you’d go workout later, only to end the day without ever making it to the gym? That’s what happens when you decide you’ll find the time later, rather than putting it on your schedule and making your workout a specific time. It makes working out a low priority, when it should be at the top of your list.

You schedule a visit to the doctor.

There’s a lot of reasons for scheduling. Just like any doctor’s visit, you work around that appointment when you’re adding other things to your schedule. Exercising on a regular basis can actually reduce the number of doctor visits later and keep you healthier. It can help regulate your blood pressure, reduce the potential for insulin resistance and ultimately for diabetes, reduce stress and boost your immune system. Those are some pretty impressive health benefits and that’s just a few of the many.

When you schedule your workout, you tend to increase your commitment.

Scheduling your workout and consistently following through makes it a routine part of the day. Imagine how you’d feel if you left the house without brushing your teeth, washing your face or putting on your make-up. It gives you that nagging feeling something is amiss, since it’s ingrained in your daily routine. That provides a routine and most people function better with a routine.

You’ll develop a more balanced routine and include rest days.

When you have a workout scheduled regularly, you’ll be more likely to create a schedule that either includes alternating days for various muscle groups, such as leg day or upper body day, or varying the type of exercise, such as strength building one day, with endurance training another. You’ll also ensure you have a balance of physical activity, taking a day to rest between workouts. You might exercise daily, but alternate between a tough workout at the gym and walking.

  • When you go to the gym at a specific time, you’re more apt to workout with the same people each time. That can give it a social aspect that not only makes it more fun, improves your potential for going.
  • Scheduling your workout leads to tracking your workout. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just noting the number of reps and sets you did or the amount of weight lifted gives you a better idea of your progress.
  • When you schedule your workouts, you’ll make it even easier to go. If you pack a lunch for work the night before, you’ll pack your gym clothes for the next day. It helps you prepare better for the day.
  • Adding your workout to your schedule makes it important to you. Just the act of scheduling places a certain amount of importance to any act.

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