Improve Oxygen Supply To Cells

There’s a reason to improve oxygen supply to cells. It helps boost your energy level, improves your cognitive functioning and also helps you look and feel better. Improved oxygen levels can improve your breathing, help prevent headaches and that dizzy feeling. However, there’s more than it can do than just that. It improves your overall energy level, too. Today, there’s even skin boutiques that offer oxygen inhalation therapy to improve the condition of the skin and prevent premature skin aging.

Make some dietary changes to improve your oxygen levels.

Diet does play a role in oxygen levels. In fact, without iron in your diet, your blood can’t absorb the oxygen to transport throughout the body. Foods rich in iron include green leafy vegetables, fish, red meat, poultry and legumes. If you have iron deficiency, work with your primary care provider to overcome the problems. Make sure you have foods like broccoli and kale and a well balanced diet, as daily. Skip the junk food!

Get plenty of exercise.

When you exercise, you work your lungs and your heart. Both are necessary to provide more oxygen into the cells. The lungs actually bring it in, while the heart sends it throughout the body. The harder you work your muscles, the more oxygen is used and the more carbon dioxide released. It increases your breathing dramatically and causes the heart to pump faster to bring more oxygen to the cells. You’ll be improving the muscle use of the oxygen, lung capacity and oxygen delivery system with exercise.

Get plenty of fresh air and have plants in the house.

There’s nothing more refreshing than fresh air. It also can boost your oxygen intake. Luckily, it’s relatively nice year around and you can open windows and air out the house frequently. If you live in a colder climate, you’d have a narrow window between turning on the furnace and keeping the windows shut and turning on the A/C, also keeping the windows shut. If you can’t air out the house as often as you’d like, keep plants in your home. They improve the levels of oxygen by using the CO2 in the air and releasing oxygen.

  • The more you increase your body’s oxygen levels, the more you improve your concentration. Low levels of oxygen are responsible for headaches, mental confusion and poor memory.
  • The American Lung Association, COPD Foundation and federal health agencies all recommend exercise to boost oxygen levels for people suffering from lung disease.
  • Improved oxygen levels not only help detox the body and cleanse the blood, it also helps with recovery after an injury.
  • Learn breathing techniques to improve your oxygen levels. Studies show that breathing techniques, like diaphragmatic breathing, boost oxygen levels.

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