Is Running In Place A Good Workout?

If you can’t get to the gym, time is at a minimum or you’re cooped up overnight at a hotel, running in place can be a viable alternative to a good workout that focuses on all types of exercise and the entire body. You can modify your in place running by doing high knee kicks, jump squats and butt kicks to make it even more effective. Best of all, it’s good for those times when you’re at the breaking point and need to get rid of stress or simply have been sitting for long periods and need a little break.

Don’t expect all the same results as normal running.

When you run in place, you’re using different muscles, have a different stride and using different movements. You’ll still get aerobic benefits as you would if you ran outside or did some treadmill time. It’s hard to maintain as a longer workout, but a ten-minute session, three times a day could provide the half hour workout if you have no other option.

You’ll use a different set of muscles than you would for regular running, but that can be good.

Not only is your body not required to be propelled forward when you run in place, it’s not a good thing, either. So, you won’t be using muscles that place your foot ahead and pull you in a forward direction, but you will be lifting your legs straight up to build your glutes. It’s why avid outside runners may find running in place a bit wearing and uncomfortable. When you run in place, you tend to land on your toes more, which is both good and bad. It does build ankle and lower leg strength, but also can put more pressure on your hips and knees.

Boost your muscle strength when you run in place.

You’ll be constantly contracting your muscles and that improves not only strength, but also flexibility. It increases your cardiovascular health, too, by boosting your heart rate and improving circulation. While running in place works primarily the lower muscle groups, it also provides some exercise for core muscles and upper body muscles, especially if you pump your arms. Running place can also aid in weight loss by burning calories and improve your blood sugar levels. You’ll boost your lung capacity, too.

  • Running in place is harder on the body and doesn’t provide as much benefit as regular running. To do it safely, you need to focus on proper form and consider doing it on a carpet than hard floor or concrete.
  • If you suffer from knee pain, running in place will help make your knees stronger and may reduce the pain. Always check with your health care professional first.
  • If you want an exercise that improves coordination, balance and agility, running in place can be one of those. The more you improve your balance and coordination, the less prone you’ll be to injuries from falls.
  • If you want to improve your posture, engage your abdominal muscles, squeezing them tightly as you run. You’ll walk taller and help prevent back strain when you do.

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