Is Walking Enough Physical Activity?

Clients come to Next Level Fitness in Irvine, CA, for a number of reasons. Some want to learn the art of discipline, others are looking for an outlet and to have some fun, while still another group come specifically to get fit. Getting fit and staying fit comes from engaging in physical activity, but not everyone does it. Whether it’s dancing, walking or doing Muay Thai, you need to move your body to live a longer, healthier life. There’s no question about that. How much exercise do you need to achieve that goal and while something is better than nothing, is walking enough?

If you’re just starting a program of fitness.

While we create programs for people no matter what their level of fitness, some people simply don’t feel comfortable in a formal program of exercise. They want to get into a better shape before they start. Here’s one way walking can help. It can be a way to ease into fitness, without stressing the body too much at first. It’s a tool to start conditioning the body and also a good supplement for a regular fitness program.

Walking won’t provide all types of fitness training.

Walking is excellent cardio exercise and lower body strength, but it does nothing for upper body strength and flexibility. You need all types of fitness. While it’s a good starting point and can help build endurance, it’s just a starting point and supplement. If you’re older or have health issues and limitations, walking can be an important part of your fitness program but building strength and maintaining muscle mass is still important. Even seniors will benefit from the exercise provided walking and can benefit in many ways.

Use walking as a starting point and supplement to a fitness program.

Walking is cheap, easily available and the perfect way for anyone out of shape to start a fitness program. It’s a good supplement to a more formal program. You can go to the gym a few times a week and supplement your workouts with walking, providing a well-rounded program. You won’t get the flexibility training with just walking, nor have the strength building power to help build muscles and maintain bone strength. You need more.

  • Adding other types of exercise to a schedule of walking not only makes your workout more well-rounded, but it also makes exercise more interesting. Learning new skills boosts your brain power and keeps you mentally agile.
  • You can add benefit to your walk by modifying the speed. Vary the speed between high intensity and recovery to create a HIIT workout. Pump your arms vigorously or carry weights, to add to the benefits and burn more calories.
  • Always warm up and cool down when you exercise, even if you’re just walking. Focus on your posture and make sure you hold your head high with your shoulders back. Walk briskly, pace makes a difference.
  • Walking outdoors can provide many benefits, including vitamin D from the sun, but you need to dress appropriately for the weather and take extra safety precautions, including having a friend know your path or track your phone.

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