It’s Not Too Late To Look Great For Summer

Most of the people that start a fitness workout do so to look and feel great. It may be to get into shape for their upcoming class reunion or to reap the health benefits. When summertime comes, the skimpy clothing and swimwear often reminds people that they need to get back to the gym and eat healthier. Is it too late to reap benefits to look great for summer? It’s never too late. In fact, swimwear often goes on sale in August, so you may even get a great savings when you need to buy a smaller size.

You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve in just one month.

While you won’t lose twenty pounds overnight, you can do a lot in just one month without getting drastic. If you consider just shedding two and a half pounds and week, losing ten pounds can be a breeze when you follow a healthy diet and a program of regular exercise. Both are necessary for weight loss. Losing inches is just as important. That comes from the exercise program. If you start today, you’ll notice that you’re at least a dress size smaller by this time next month.

If you start today, you could be a whole new person in just two months.

While there will be a noticeable change in your appearance and clothing size with just one month of faithful adherance to a healthy diet and program of regular exercise, as you approach the six to eight week mark, everyone will start remarking on the changes. Not only will you look trimmer and fitter, you’ll also have more energy and a glow to your skin. Not all the changes are about fitting into a smaller clothing size, some of the changes are about how great you feel and how ready you are to tackle new projects and live a more active lifestyle. Start shopping for new swimsuits and summer clothes. They’re far less expensive now.

September is still pretty hot and you will be too if you continue this program.

Just because the calendar says it’s fall, the weather in Irvine, CA still gets up to the high 80s. That means it’s still summer weather, with all the trappings of summer, like shorts and sleeveless blouses. Don’t worry about batwings or flabby thighs, if you started this program in June, you’ll have those conquered. Continue on with your workout and you’ll be fabulous looking for the holidays.

  • Unlike many areas, where it’s super cold in the winter months, we’re blessed with weather that allows you to show off your figure more, all year around. No matte when you start your fitness program, you’ll get results worth showing.
  • You’ll notice your mood improves when you workout regularly and eat healthy. Both provide great help for depression, PMS, anxiety and boost creativity.
  • A program of regular exercise and healthy eating also provides other health benefits. It reduces the risk of serious diseases and even helps reduce the risk of age related vision problems.
  • You’ll save money on future health care bills. One study by a Fortune 500 company showed that every dollar spent on preventative care, such as healthy eating and exercise, save $2.71 in medical expense later.

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