Keep Your Core Strong

No matter what activity you’re doing, your core muscles are involved in some way. Even sitting involves core muscles. They’re the muscles of your torso that start right below the pecs and continue right beneath the abs, which includes the muscles in your back. Strong core muscles affect how all the other muscles function, which includes how you walk. When they’re strong, core muscles provide stability and improves balance. The stronger your core muscles are, the stronger and more powerful you’ll be.

Why are core muscles important for weight loss?

The more muscle tissue you have, the easier it is to lose weight. The stronger your core muscles, the easier it will be for you to workout and keep going to build other muscle groups. Working your core muscles help you look thinner by improving your posture. Improved posture can change your appearance in seconds. Stand in front of the mirror and slouch as you would with bad posture. Look closely. Next stand up straight, shoulders back and head held high. You’ll see a huge difference. You’ll not only look thinner, you’ll look more confident, too.

You’ll be able to perform tasks more easily.

Strong core muscles can help prevent injuries that can occur whether exercising or doing every day types of tasks, like picking up a bag of groceries or bending down to tie your shoes. When you have weak core muscles, even those simple activities can cause injury. If your work involves twisting or standing very long, strong core muscles are imperative. Even sitting at your desk can involve the use of core muscles and can cause backaches if you have poor posture from weak muscles.

When your core muscles are weak, you’ll have poor balance and won’t look your best.

Those flat abs are just strong core muscles. That improved posture shows them off to others. Having a strong back and abdomen can help you look slimmer, plus benefit you if you’re playing any type of sport. It makes your arms and legs work better with the power coming from the core. Even sexual activity is better, since it requires strength from the core and core flexibility.

  • If back pain is bothering you, it may be because you need stronger core muscles. It requires both strong back muscles and abs to provide balance. Core exercises can often help relieve back pain and prevent it from returning.
  • Strong core muscles can help you zip through physical tasks, particularly if they involve lifting, bending, twisting or reaching overhead. If you’ve ever found your back hurts after vacuuming or mopping, you need to work on your core muscles.
  • Your core muscles protect your organs, like your stomach, intestines, heart and liver. It acts as a shield to prevent injury from blows.
  • All exercises, no matter what body part they’re working, require strong core muscles. Core muscles do more than help you stay upright, they help you move through every exercise in the gym.

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