Love The Burn

After a few weeks of exercise, you’ll learn to love the burn. The burn means you’ve worked your muscles hard, so hard that it creates an acidic condition that creates a stinging or burning experience. It’s a gauge to judge how much energy you’ve burned and lets you know that you’ve achieved the intensity of work to get the results you want. The burn is different from pain. It can be a discomfort, but after you workout for a while, you’ll learn to find it a satisfying sign when it occurs.

When you feel the burn, you know you’ve reached your capacity.

Every time you workout, you want it to be your hardest. Working toward maximum is what you always should strive to achieve. It’s the way to maximize the benefit of every workout and the reason personal trainers constantly adjust your workout to reflect your newly achieved level of fitness. It’s a reassurance when you feel it and you’ll start to appreciate it every time you do.

Don’t mistake the burn for real pain.

It’s doubtful you’ll feel real pain if you’re doing an exercise correctly, but you might. Pain is warning sign to quit. It’s more than a burn, but a sign of injury. Once you recognize the burn, you’ll realize just how different it is from pain. If you feel pain during any exercise session, tell your trainer immediately. It can be a sign of injury and to continue the workout only exacerbates that injury.

The burn signals you’ve reached your endurance.

The burn is a sign you’re building your endurance, but not necessarily building your strength. Failure to complete reps of an increased weight indicates that. That’s why we closely watch you as you do all types of fitness exercises, from endurance and strength to flexibility and balance. We make sure your body has adequate range of motion to prevent injury and you achieve all levels of fitness.

Eating healthy should also be part of your journey to becoming fit. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain weight or just feel better, we can help you learn how to make smarter choices when it comes to food.

Having fun while you’re working out is important too. If you’re enjoying your time working out, you won’t focus on every ache and pain. You’ll love the people you workout with at our gym. It’s a small cohesive group that is supportive and makes working out fun.

As you start to see the changes in your body, you’ll be more motivated with each workout and look forward to the burn.

You’ll see and feel amazing results. Your energy will soar as your body gets toned and you’ll look more fabulous each week.

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