Physical Therapy Works

If you’ve ever been bed ridden for a while or had an injury that limited your activity, you probably already know that physical therapy works to help get you back to normal activity by building your strength and improving your range of motion. It also has other applications that can help improve your life and well-being. While it’s often aimed at getting you back to your prior level of activity, it can help you to make the changes necessary for a healthier lifestyle, too.

Physical therapy can help build core strength.

Having a strong core is a lot like having a good foundation on a home. It’s the body’s foundation. Just like on a house, where it could cause a collapse of the structure, a weak core can leave you susceptible to future injury. It helps posture, overall strength, balance and even helps weight loss. Stronger core muscles helps relieve back pain, improve posture and can even help improve breathing. You’ll walk better and be less prone to falls with the improved balance core strength brings.

Breathing problems, cardiac issues and other health problems can be helped with physical therapy.

You probably already know that many people receive physical therapy after a cardiac incident or lung issues. It helps clear the fluid and builds strength to get back to normal daily activity. Did you know that physical therapy can also help control diabetes? It not only helps improve blood sugar levels, but can also help with vascular conditions.

Physical therapy can help you prevent future injuries.

Preventing future injury is more than just improving your balance and preventing falls. It’s relaxing tight muscles to help them work more effectively with joints, which can improve overall functioning. If you’ve had previous injuries or scar tissue building from surgery, this stretching can help ensure it won’t prevent you from getting back into full functioning.

  • Physical therapy can help you after a tough workout. There are various techniques used to help relieve the pain and stiffness after working hard, such as ice and heat therapy, Fascial Integrative Treatment, Active Release Techniques, Fenzian treatment and many other treatments to address issues.
  • You’d be amazed at the different issues physical therapy can address. It can even help insomnia and tooth grinding that affect both your health and appearance.
  • Part of physical therapy that most people neglect is the effect of a healthy diet can have on specific problems. Pain is often a whole body challenge and can be helped through many techniques.
  • You’ll not only deal with your issues at physical therapy, but will be give help to continue working on it on your own. Through specific guided exercises and stretching techniques, you’ll be in charge of your body and control or eliminate pain, not allowing it to control you.

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