Protein Bars VS Protein Shakes

Protein is an important part of your body and helps to build as well as repair tissue.

It is a so called ‘macronutrient’ meaning your body needs a larger amount than some other nutrients.

When looking for a meal replacement or a protein rich snack to supplement your workout, what is better, a bar or shake?

Protein Bars

  • Small and easilycarried in package; convenient
  • Usually added vitamins, minerals and fiber creating higher calorie count
  • Contain good carbohydrates and healthy fats
  • Healthier snack choice than others
  • Help with curbing cravings

Protein Shakes

  • Conveniently Powder that needs to be added to water
  • Allows for faster uptake of amino acids into muscles
  • Help with daily recommended dosage of protein
  • Allows for diversity of protein with less calories and fat compared to meat
  • Essential for use as a post workout drink

First off, one or the other is better than nothing and if you have a strong dislike for one we recommend the other.

Those two things aside, we would suggest a protein bar before a shake. Research shows that digestion can burn calories and the liquid form of shakes naturally requires less work for your digestive system.

The digestive process of a bar takes longer compared to that of a shake and may hold off the feeling of hunger longer. We are not claiming that a protein shake is not useful, but possibly not as useful as a bar in your ultimate health goals.

Lastly, bars and shakes are good supplements but you should keep in mind they are not substitutes for whole food choices in a well rounded natural diet.

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