Questions You Should Ask Your Personal Trainer

It’s important to have the best trainer to achieve your goals, especially since you’re putting in time and money to get results. There are questions you should ask your personal trainer to make certain that the effort you put in will get the results you want. Not all trainers are the same. Some have the top credentials and get results quickly, while others don’t. The first question you need to ask is about the trainer’s qualifications. What type of credentials does the trainer have and what certifications? Make sure those qualifications are respected in the field and that the trainer also keeps abreast of the latest research.

Find out if the trainer asks about your health and physical condition.

If you go to a trainer that doesn’t ask you any questions, but immediately has a workout program ready for you to start, run—don’t walk—away. Trainers need to know about your medical conditions, your present level of fitness, your goals and any special needs. All this information helps them create a program that’s difficult enough for you to see benefits, but is still within your physical capabilities. It won’t aggravate or tax any present physical problems and deals with limitations. It’s a program designed to address your specific goal, not a one-size-fits-all program.

See if the trainer provides more than just an exercise program.

Not all issues can be addressed with just exercise alone. In fact, diet is a key component to weight loss. Some issues, such as recovery from an injury, may require exercise to aid in building muscles to reduce the pain, but there are also complementary therapies, such as massage, that can speed the recovery. Find out if the trainer is certified to provide aid in other areas, besides exercise or works with other specialists that do.

Ask the trainer how often you’ll workout with him/her and whether there are options besides private sessions.

To get the full benefit of a workout program, you need to exercise at least three times a week with four times being ideal. While the trainer should be working directly with you as you learn each new exercise, once you learn a program, you don’t have to work with the trainer each time. A trainer that provides flexibility to help with your budget and even may provide small group training shows a willingness to meet both your physical and financial needs.

  • Find out how long before you’ll see results. The answer should be realistic, with some physical results evident after four to six weeks. The trainer may mention you’ll notice more energy after two to four weeks.
  • Ask the trainer how much he/she charges. This and any cancellation fees, payments up front and length of the agreement should be all laid out before you start working with the trainer.
  • Find out if the trainer has references, clients he’s worked with previously or is presently training. If the trainer needs to get the okay from clients first, all the better. It means he treats his relationship with them with confidentiality.
  • Ask about the type of program the trainer uses and type of exercises. Make sure it addresses all types of fitness, flexibility, endurance, strength and balance.

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